Op NANOOK 15 in Inuvik

No wooden bridge is complete without the mark of the Engineer Colours // aucun pont de bois n’est complet sans les couleurs du génie
Publication Date 
18 Jan 2016

By Cpl E.A. Beaulieu

Op NANOOK is an annual Joint Domestic Operation which consisted of all branches of the CAF. JTFN coordinated over 550 military and over 10 civilian personnel from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Reserves and the Rangers as well as other Governmental Agencies such as Coast Guard, RCMP, and Environment Canada. This year the OP Nanook took place between 16-30 August 2015 in the Inuvik and Fort Smith area of the Northwest Territories.

As with every operation domestic or abroad, the Engineer component is vital to mission success.

This year the Engineer detachment was a small 6 person detachment that was augmented by 12 GD from all over Canada. The small Engineer DET arrived on 25 July to build a 250 man tented camp in the parking lot of an arena complex within the city of Inuvik, complete with generator power and electrical distribution. The carpenter employed a few GD personnel as trade’s helpers to build floor boards and doors for the mess hall and sleeping quarters.

As would be the case in any mission abroad, logistics proved to be the biggest obstacle. We purchase over 25K worth of lumber and topped off the tool kits with local purchases.

Once the camp was built and the rain began to fall it became apparent that the ground was susceptible to flooding, therefore a drainage ditch was required to be emplaced down the center of the camp to alleviate water build up. The land owner liked the idea of the ditch and requested it to stay, therefore the Engineers were tasked with building a small wooden foot bridge so that once OP Nanook is over the locals can traverse, the man-made ditch safely. But no wooden bridge is complete without the mark of the Engineer Colours.