New Sapper Account of the Afghan War

MWO Tim MacCormac with his book "Sand Searchers"
Sand Searchers
Publication Date 
08 Jun 2022

Tim MacCormac served a tour in Bosnia with 2 CER, one in Afghanistan with 1 CER and a second Afghan tour on a training mission.  With his recently published book, Sand Searchers, Tim tells us about Afghanistan, its people, the war and the part Canada played. In his own words,

"Understanding a mysterious and beautiful country as Afghanistan, is to understand the complexity of extremism. As a foreign soldier in a foreign country, I came to understand not only the importance of learning about the Afghan way of life, but also how a lack of knowledge fosters attitudes, views and biased judgements. In Afghanistan, I learned how extremist political factions can bring chaos and disorder to the extent of disrupting the majority of peaceful inhabitants, and how the whole of Afghan society has been, and continues to be affected by ever-changing external and internal geopolitical control of the country."

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