New Recruits for 14 Airfield Engineering Squadron (14 AES)

From left to right, front row Pte Lawrence Dickeson, Pte Brandon Landry, Pte Rana Byrne, Pte Sherri Watters, Pte Mathew MacLennan, Pte Thomas Stewart; back row Maj Carlos Marques CO 14 AES, LCol Brian Neyedli FCEO CFB Halifax, Pte James Kenney, Pte Joshua Martin, Pte Nathan White, MCpl Kevin Brown 144 AEF recruiting NCO and Capt Brian Boss OC 144 AEF.
Publication Date 
19 Aug 2002

The recruitment program is a very important process within the CF and is the lifeline for the future of our units. We have established a successful recruiting program at 14 AES that attracts young Reservists from the local communities that it serves (Bridgewater, Pictou and Gander). This program is very successful as it attracts the young talent from the communities, trains them and then allows them to work in their communities. Some of the young recruits enjoy it so much that they do a component transfer to the Regular Force.

The key to the success of the Recruiting program at 14 AES is that we use a military member at each of the units (from the local community) and to have that person speak to the students at the various schools, community events, etc. We find that our military members are our best ambassadors to attract the new recruits. Another part of the recruitment success is related to the excellent communication with the local communities who support the various Flights and are very proud of their ties with the military units. Our program is so successful that we attract approximately 40 to 50 new recruits each year. Approximately 10 to 15 new recruits will do a component transfer to the Regular Force during the year thereby helping with CF meet the demand for young talent. Many of the young Reservists will go on to top their trade courses.

The success of the 14 AES recruiting program is largely due to the hard work and enthusiasm of the following personnel: Cpl Millard Smith (143 AEF Bridgewater), MCpl Kevin Brown (144 AEF Pictou) and WO Brian Suppa (91 AEF Gander). They are able to convey their positive experiences and strong military ethics to attract new recruits.

On the 15 June 2002, in the Town of Pictou, 144 AEF conducted a swearing-in ceremony for nine new recruits who took the Canadian Forces Oath of Allegiance. On hand to perform the duties of the Attesting Officer was LCol Brian Neyedli FCEO CFB Halifax on behalf of Col Gervais, the Canadian Military Engineer Branch Advisor. The new recruits are all from the local community of Pictou and were on their way to attend the Basic Recruiting Training (BRT) course in Borden on the 17 June 2002.