New Recipient - CMEA Commendation - MWO Jim Harris (Ret'd)

New Recipient - CMEA Commendation - Branch CWO Ron Swift, MWO Jim Harris (Ret'd) and Col Comdt Steve Irwin
Publication Date 
07 Jun 2016


The Canadian Military Engineers Association recognizes the contributions of Master Warrant Officer Jim Harris, CD (Ret’d) for his vision in the formation of the Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack Historical Society (CFBCHS) and for his leadership during the Society’s fist 15 years of operations.

His dedication and hard work has contributed immensely to keeping alive the legacy of the former CFB Chilliwack and ensuring that the local community remembers the contributions of Sappers and the Canadian Armed Forces in the Fraser Valley over the years.

The establishment of the CFBCHS Museum, the preservation and archiving of its artifacts, maintaining the vital associations with the local community, supporting the education of our youth, supporting our veterans, and the numerous restoration projects have all helped to preserve, promote and enhance our heritage.

In addition to the creation of a local museum, his work in partnership with Canada lands to implement the “Legacy Trail Project” at Garrison Crossing and the extensive restoration of the “All Sappers Memorial Park” as well as restoring the former Saluting Base as the “CFB Chilliwack Memorial” will all ensure that the military heritage of the area is accurately displayed.

The Canadian Military Engineers Association commends Jim Harris for his leadership and hard work over 15 years as President of the Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack Historical Society.