New recipient - CME Branch Commendation - Mr. Bill McVean

CWO Madore (RSM 2 CER), CWO Patterson (CME Branch CWO), 1943 EVINDRUDE 50 hp boat motor, BGen DesLauriers (CME Branch Colonel Commandant), Mr. Bill McVean and LCol Pilon (CO 2 CER). BGen DesLauriers is presenting Mr. Bill McVean with a CME Branch Commendation (certificate no 025) during the 2 CER CME Day on 26 April 2013 in Petawawa.
Publication Date 
16 May 2013

For helping the Canadian Military Engineer Branch to perpetuate, both in Canada and abroad, the history of 23rd Field Company RCE’s heroic actions during World War II’s Op Berlin.
Therein, Mr. McVean assisted today’s Sappers to appreciate their predecessors’ heroic actions to enable approximately 2,500 Allied airborne troops to withdraw from the salient in September 1944.

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