New Governance Model for the CMEA

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Publication Date 
23 Oct 2015

From Dave Carney, Executive Director, CMEA

After over a year of hard work by the national executive, a new governance model is in effect for the CMEA. This has been brought about by new rules of the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act, remembering that the CMEA was first incorporated as a Not-For-Profit (non-charitable) corporation in 2010. Full details of the process and effects can be read by clicking Backgrounder: Effect of the Canada Not For Profit Corporations Act (CNCA) on CMEA Governance or by downloading a copy using the link at the bottom of this page. The new governance model with all supporting documents is available on our web site under Governance.

The key changes are the new designation of CMEA member and the management structure of the Corporation. CMEA members are now the 18 active CMEA Chapters with each Chapter carrying a different number of votes at meetings, dependent on size as explained in the attached. That means that each Chapter will be required to inform the Board of Directors prior to the upcoming National Conference in November, who their designated representative is and whether he or she will attend the meeting. If not able to attend, then the Chapter may designate a proxy or vote by electronic means. At the upcoming meeting there will be a vote for new Board members so your designate will have to be identified prior to the meeting. With Chapters now being members, individuals will be referred to as CMEA Associates.

The second key change is the composition of the Board and the overall management structure of the CMEA. Our Board of Directors will be increased in number and will be supported by a number of Vice Presidents and Advisors as explained in the attached.

It has been a long and difficult process and the existing Board and members of the NEC thank all that have offered their input to the proceedings. For further information don’t hesitate to contact me.