New Commanding Officer at 34 CER

 Pierre St-Laurent, LCol Benoit Doré, Col Dan Chafaï
Publication Date 
13 Oct 2015

by Captain Wetson Werleigh Public Affairs Officer, 34 CER

Photo: Signing of the scrolls. From left to right: Lieutenant-Colonel Pierre St-Laurent, Incoming Commanding Officer of 34 Combat Engineer Regiment (34 CER), Lieutenant-Colonel Benoit Doré, Outgoing Commanding Officer, and Colonel Dan Chafaï, Commander of 34 Canadian Brigade Group. Photo: Cpl Poirier-Joyal

On Sunday, 13 September 2015, in the gym of the Montreal Garrison, some sixty sappers, including officers, took part in the 34 Combat Engineer Regiment (34 CER) Change of Command Parade for Outgoing Commanding Officer Lieutenant-Colonel Benoît Doré and Incoming Commanding Officer Lieutenant-Colonel Pierre St-Laurent.

During the three years of his command, exercising his leadership, LCol Doré initiated a number of projects enabling the Regiment to maintain its operational capability, including the creation of a training cell and the unit’s move to the Montreal Garrison. From now on, the training cell supervisor and his/her team will be mandated to plan for training over a three-year period to meet training objectives specific to the combat engineer trade. All members of the Regiment have embraced this new, previously absent training concept. Colonel Dan Chafaï, Commander of 34 Canadian Brigade Group, stressed in his speech the outstanding and exemplary leadership of LCol Doré, who took the initiative of moving the Regiment to a different location until a new home could be built for the members. We note that all personnel were delighted to move into the new premises.

Regiment sappers of all ranks paid a warm tribute to LCol Doré, parading with pride and presence during the ceremony to thank him and acknowledge his immense influence on all members of the Regiment, including the Rouyn-Noranda Detachment. A number of VIPs were also in attendance, including Brigadier-General Sylvain Sirois, Leader of the Military Personnel Management Capability Transformation Project at Headquarters in Ottawa, for LCol Doré’s final parade with his members.

To build on the work started by his predecessor, LCol St-Laurent made a commitment before the Brigade and sappers’ Staff to do everything in his power to help the Regiment advance toward excellence.

In closing, we would like to thank LCol Doré for all he has done for the Regiment, wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours, and offer a most cordial welcome to our new Commanding Officer, LCol St-Laurent.