NCR MFRC Izzy Doll Project

Shirley O'Connell is appealing to the knitting community to help make crocheted Izzy Dolls (
Publication Date 
18 Dec 2018

On 13 December, the National Capital Region Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) hosted their annual Izzy Doll Project. The Izzy Doll Project is a national initiative that brings smiles to faces of many children in countries where are Forces are deployed. It has become a contribution towards humanitarianism and caring for children caught up in conflicts around the worl

Most members of the CME family know that the Izzy Doll project was started by a Canadian Sapper, MCpI Ivlark "Izzy" Isfield in 1995. He came up with the idea to provide the dolls to children who were innocently caught up in war while he was deployed, as he witnessed it firsthand. While he served in Kuwait and Croatia, MCpl lsfeld saw children on crutches and bandaged children missing limbs, with the images beginning to haunt him. After he returned home, his mother, Carol lsfeld started crocheting small dolls for the children. When he was deployed again, Mark would pass the dolls out to children he saw while doing his job. Tragically, Mark was killed on a demining mission in Croatia in 1994.

For a more complete description of the Izzy Dolly initiative, see the complete article is on the Canadian Military Family Magazine webpage at