MWO/Adjum Robert De Blois, CD

    MWO Robert De Blois will be retiring on 07 October 2008 after 31 years of Loyal and Dedicated service to the Canadian Forces.

    MWO Robert De Blois was born on the 26 Dec 1960 in Sorel, Québec and grew up in Ile Perrot, west end of Montreal. He joined the CF as a reservist in 1977 with the 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment (3CER) in Montréal, Quebec. He remained with this unit until 27 March 1980, when he did a Component Transfer into the Reg F and was immediately posted to 5 CER, CFB Valcartier. He remained with 5 CER until 1982, when he was posted to 4 CER, CFB Lahr, Germany. During his time in Germany, he completed his QL5A and 5B training and was employed as a Section member and Recce driver.

    In 1986 he was posted back to 5 CER, was promoted MCpl in1988 and to Sgt in 1990. He was then posted in 1990 to the Canadian Force School of Military Engineer, CFSME, in CFB Chilliwack, and was employed as an instructor for the QL 3, 5A and Water supply training. During the APS of 1993, he was posted back to 5 CER for the third time, and remained there until 1999. During this time, he deployed twice with the unit to Bosnia in 93 and 96, and prior to his deployment in 1996, he was promoted to WO. Upon his return from his Bosnian tour, he was employed as a Troop WO.

    In 1999 he was posted to D Mil C as a Career Manager for the Cbt Engr junior ranks. He was then promoted MWO late in 2002 and was nominated and selected to go to RMC Kingston to attend the one-year Army Technical Warrant Office Program (ATWO). Upon graduation in 2004, was posted back to NDHQ within Director Land Requirement, (DLR), where he was involved in various miscellaneous requirement projects and the new LAV Engineer variant vehicle project, as the Cbt Engr SME. He remained there until 2007, when he was posted to his present position within DGLEPM/ DCSEM 2 as the LCMM for the Water supply/TVP and incinerator equipment.

    Robert and his wife Ruth plan to remain in the Gatineau area for at least the next couple of years. As for future employment opportunities, he is not going to look at that until later in the fall once the camping season is over.

    A Depart with Dignity retirement luncheon will be held in his Honour at 1130 hrs at the Bifthèque restaurant 75, Edmonton Street, Hull. It is requested that all wishing to attend or send anecdotes and contributed to his retirement gift are requested to contact CWO F Ramsay (819 997-5205) or MWO S Wright at (819 994-4753) no later then 08 September. 2008.