MWO/Adjum Pierre-Yves Chabot, CD

    MWO Pierre-Yves Chabot will be retiring from the CF after 22 years and 5 month of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Forces and the CME Branch. Chab joined the military in November 1986 in Quebec City, QC.

    Upon completing his recruit and language training in CFB St-Jean, he was transferred to CFB Chilliwack for his Combat Engineer course. While waiting for training he was sent for OJT at CFB Cold Lake as part of the Primerose Lake CF-18 range maintenance team.

    After graduation from his TQ 3 in March 88, Sapper Chabot was sent to 5e RGC Valcartier, where he served until August 95, before being posted to CFLRS ST-Jean as an instructor. This posting did not last long, as 10 month later he returned to Valcartier to instruct at the R22R battle school for the next three years. In April 1999, Sgt Chabot climbed back up the hill to 5e RGC, to be Sect Cmdr, Recce Sgt and ending with a 23 month stint as a TP WO. Subsequently he moved to 9ieme Genie in Rouyn, Noranda in April 2003, as the Training and Ops NCO. In June 2005, WO Chabot returned to 5e RGC, as the Regt Training NCO for the next two years, before being promoted to his current rank and position as a SSM.

    MWO Chabot participated in the OKA crises and has two deployments in Bosnia, the first from Aug 92 to Mar 93 and the second from Sept 99 to Apr 00. He will remain in the Quebec City area with his spouse Sophie and their two sons, Étienne and Jérémie who are 12 and 8 years old respectively.

    He has set his sights on a second career as a building site supervisor for ROCHE Ltée, Consulting Engineers. He will also pursue his military career with the reserve as a member of 35 RG in Quebec City.