MWO/Adjum Pierre Vézina, CD

    MWO Vézina joined the CF 20 November 1975 in Montreal. Shortly after completing his basic training and part1 of his language training at St-Jean. Pte Vézina was send to Halifax to complete the second part of his language training. Completing his sailor course (TSQAB) in Halifax he preceded to Esquimalt (B.C) for his hull tech training, while on course he requested a change of trade for RM tech. Change of trade meant change of location, he was send to Alsask (Saskatchewan) for OJT (Oct 76- Jun 77). Proceeding to his QL3 in Chilliwack (Jun - Nov 77). He was than posted to CFB Cold Lake (Alberta) where he got married and work at 42 Radar, from (Nov 77 – Jul 81) where he did his QL5 in Chilliwack. After spending 6 months ( Jan 81- Jun 81) TD in CFS Mont Apica (Quebec) he was rewarded with a posting to the exotic same location this time for 2 years (Jul 81- Jun 83). Promoted to the rank of Mcpl move west again to CFB Shilo (Manitoba), upon arrival he left for Chilliwack for his QL6, while in Shilo (Jun 83 – Jul 88) promoted Sgt (Aug 87) he was spoil again with a posting to CFB Toronto (Ontario) where he spend 5 years (Jul 88- Apr 93) promoted to the rank of WO (Jul 92). Posted to beautiful CFB Chilliwack (British Colombia) while employed at CFSME as section commander, this was too good to last the government decided to close the base (Apr 93-Apr 95). Posted to Moncton (New Brunswick) with the relocation of 1 CEU from Winnipeg, he was immediately involved with modifying a building to suit the need. Even though posted to Moncton for a period of 5 years (Apr 95-Jul 00) very little time spend in Moncton. In 2000 the “Gods” smile at him, sending him to Belgium (SHAPE) while in shape (Jul 00-Jul 04) he was promoted to the rank of MWO in 2003. Returning to Canada, he was posted to sunny Manitoba, CFB Shilo (Aug 04- Oct 05) just long enough to realise that the prairies weren’t the warmest place to be. Send back with the CFSME but this time in Gagetown (New Brunswick), while at the school he did his 6B qualification (Oct 05-Jun07). Ready for a new challenge he was send back to Manitoba again this time in Winnipeg, (Jun 07- Jun 08) only took him one year to realize that he wanted nothing to do with Manitoba except spending holiday there. He was sent to Valcartier (Jun 08-Jun 09) after a year of he decided that he had enough and it was time to move on.