MWO/Adjum M.J. Roncetti, CD

    • MWO/Adjum M.J. Roncetti, CD

    After more than 34 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers Branch, MWO Martin Roncetti, CD, retired on 15 November 2021. A Depart with Dignity ceremony for MWO Roncetti will be held on 03 June 2022 starting at 13 :00 hrs at Spearhead Brewery, 675 Development Dr, Kingston, ON K7M 4W6. Anecdotes and retirement wishes may be sent to MWO F.W. Cross at

    MWO Roncetti was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, and became Recruit Roncetti on 22 July 1987 at CFRC Toronto.

    Over the following years, Chetti served with 2 CER (twice), CFSME (student and staff), 4 ESR (twice), 1 ESU, the Canadian Airborne Regiment, PSTC, LFDTS HQ, 1 Can Div HQ, and the Brockville Rifles. He completed five expeditionary deployments, two domestic deployments, and too many exercises and courses to count. Highlights over the years were going to the first Persian Gulf War, two summer taskings to CFS Alert working in the quarry, his time as a QS Manager where he helped to shape CAF and Engr training, conducting live-agent training during the Advanced CBRN Officer course, and the friends and colleagues he has made over the years. His most important moment occurred in 2012 when he met his wife to be,

    CPO 2 Amanda Roncetti. Martin and Amanda will remain in Kingston until Amanda decides to retire, after which the plan is a move to a more rural setting within the Kingston area.