MWO/Adjum Marc Gagnon, CD

    MWO Marc Gagnon was born on the 09 of Aug 1961 in Loretteville, Québec where he grew up. He joined the CF as a reservist in Jan 1977 with the 10ième Escadron du Génie de Campagne (10 EG de C) in Québec City, Québec. During his time as a Reservist; he had the opportunity to participate in a UN mission in Golan Heights, Israel from Apr 1981 to Nov 81. He remained with 10 EG de C until Feb 27, 1983, when he did a Component Transfer into the Reg F and was immediately posted to 5ième Régiment de Génie de Combat (5 RGC) Valcartier. During his era in Valcartier, he completed his QL5A and HA training and was employed as Section member, Recce driver and Troop Storeman. He remained with 5 RGC until Jul 1987, when he was posted to 4 Combat Engineer Regiment (4 CER), Lahr, Germany where he was employed as Ress Troop Comd driver, completed his 5B training and then promoted to MCpl

    On promotion in Jul 1988, he was posted with Airfield Engineer Squadron (AES) Lahr, EOD Troop. During his posting with AES Lahr, he accomplished his HC in Canada and HL in England and was employed as an Improved Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD)/Store Det Comd conducting all kind of exercise and EOD training. He will remain with ADR Lahr, EOD Troop until Jul 1991 when he gets posted to AES Baden doing the same job. In Mar 1992, he is attached posted back with 4 CER for OP HARMONY ROTO 0 as IEDD/EOD/Mine Awareness Instructor for all the members of the operation and participated in the Recce for the operation. During the operation, he gets promoted to Sgt on Aug 1st, 1992.

    In Feb 1993 he was posted back to 5 RGC as a Sect Comd, SQMS and Sqn Ops Sgt. During this time, he was sent on his HB in USA and he deployed 3 times with the unit to Bosnia in Oct 1993 as Recce Sgt, in Jul 1996 as SQMS and in Aug 1999 as Troop WO. Prior to his deployment in Jan 1999, he was promoted to WO. Upon his return from his last Bosnian tour, he completed his SLC in St-Jean, Québec and in Apr 2000 he is posted as Trg Coord with 9ième Escadron du Génie, Rouyn-Noranda, Québec in a RSS position.

    In Jun 2003 he was posted to D Mil C as a Career Manager for the Cbt Engr junior ranks. He was then promoted MWO in Dec 2005 and was posed back for a third time to 5 RGC as SSM for 53ième Escadron du Génie Léger. During his time as SSM, he participated up to level 3 in the Road to High Readiness Training in preparation for a deployment to Afghanistan, but in Mar 2007 due to his unique IEDD/EOD qualifications for personnel of his rank and the retirement of his predecessor, he was posted back to Ottawa as a member of CEFCOM HQ J Engr EOD/Int before the operational deployment started for 53ième Escadron du Génie Léger.

    MWO Marc Gagnon is married to Julie Barrette; they have a 16-year-old son, Keith Philip. They will stay in Cantley, Québec as he will go back on the 28 Oct 2008 with the Reserve in a B Class position with ADM Mat DCSEM as LCMM MCM.