MWO/Adjum Larry Cotter, CD

    MWO Larry Cotter, CD will be retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces after more than 29 years of dedicated service to the CAF and the CME Branch (see bio attached).

    Friends and colleagues are welcome to attend the depart with dignity ceremony which will take place at the 1CER SNCO and Officer Stand easy on 01 May 2015, 1400 hrs. Dress will be dress of the day. For planning purposes, please confirm your attendance with MWO Paul Albertson, the coordinator for the function by 27 Apr 2015 at Congratulatory messages or anecdotes can also be sent to MWO Albertson at the same email address.>

    MWO Lawrence Cotter was born in Deep River, Ontario, and joined the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in 1986. After completing his Basic Training in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, and his Basic Field Engineer training in Chilliwack, British Columbia, he moved to 2 Combat Engineer Regiment (2CER) in Petawawa, Ontario in December 1986.>

    While at 2CER he was on two RVs 87 and89, two deployments to the Arctic on Exercise Lightning Strike and in July 1989, he was posted to 4 Combat Engineer Regiment (4 CER) in Lahr, Germany. While serving with this unit, he completed his QL5, French Commando Course, assisted in aid to civil power during a deluge in Bad Ripaulsau where 4 CER partnered with the German Pioneers restored road infrastructure, and deployed to Croatia as part of the 1R22eR Battle Group.>

    In July 1993, he was posted back to Petawawa, Ontario, to 2CER. While serving with this unit, he deployed once again to Croatia in July 1994 with the 1RCR Battle Group. Promoted to Master Corporal in Dec 1995. Deployed with 2CER as the Water Supply commander during the Winnipeg floods in 1997. He deployed with 1RCR Battle Group to Bosnia in 1998 and Kosovo in 1999. Promoted Sergeant in 1999. Deployed to Bosnia in 2003 with the RCD Battle Group as a Recce Sgt. In 2005, He was promoted to Warrant Officer and posted to 1 Combat Engineer Regiment (1CER) as a field Troop Warrant. While at 1 CER he was a Tp WO, Ops NCO and an SQMS, he deployed to Afghanistan in 2008 as SQMS. In 2009 he was posted to the Canadian Manoeuver Training Centre in Wainwright as an Observer Controller. 2011 he was promoted to Master Warrant Officer and posted back to 1CER as the Squadron Sergeant Major (SSM) for 15 Support Squadron, then 12 Field Squadron, and is currently SSM 18 Administration Squadron.>

    Lawrence will be retiring on July 16th 2015 with 29 plus years of service. Lawrence and his wife Joan plan to retire in the Belmont, MB area and work with his father-in-law running the family owned heavy equipment business.>