MWO/Adjum J.T. Stacey, CD

    • MWO/Adjum J.T. Stacey, CD

    After more than 25 years of loyal service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers, MWO Jason Stacey, CD will retire on 25 October 2021. Congratulatory messages and best wishes can be sent to MCpl J.A. Scott at

    After 25 years of service, MWO Jay Stacey will retire on 25 October 2021. MWO Stacey enrolled in the CAF on 18 Dec 1996 as an EGS Technician. He attended the EGS QL3 course in Chilliwack, BC, and was then posted to 86 ASU in Trenton, ON. While at 86 ASU, he completed two tours to CFS Alert, TAVs in Bosnia and Haiti, and a deployment for the Quebec ice storm of 1998.

    In 2003, MCpl Stacey was posted to 4 ESR for a short stint with 74 Construction Troop and then moved to a position at CFSME in 2004, teaching EGS technicians. In 2006, Sgt Stacey was posted to 14 Wing Greenwood as the EGS Shop Supervisor. While at 14 Wing, he deployed to Camp Mirage and CFS Alert. In 2009, newly promoted WO Stacey was assigned to the Utilities O position at 14 Wing CE and completed two tours in Afghanistan. In 2011, he was posted to 2 CER as the 25 Construction Troop Warrant Officer.

    MWO Stacey was promoted to his current rank in 2012 and was posted to DCSEM 2-2 in Ottawa as the EGS LCMM in 2013. The following year, he was posted to 5 Wing Goose Bay as the MSS MWO. In 2018, he was posted to RPOU (O) Det Petawawa as the SSM.

    MWO Stacey will spend his retirement in the Petawawa area, enjoying time with his family