MWO/Adjum J.R.P. Gagnon, CD

    MWO Gagnon was born in Messines Quebec. He enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces on the 4th of March 1971. Following basic training in St Jean QC he received his certification as an Underwater Weapons Technician at CFB Halifax, and was then posted to the newest steamer that the Navy had: the HMCS Annapolis on the 5th Apr 1972.After two and a half years, being a woodsman from Quebec, he realised the rolling North Atlantic did not mix well with his stomach and that hew as travelling too much with the Navy, he decided it was time for a change.

    In 1974 MWO Gagnon started a new career as a 614 Electrician with the Engineers, and spending 6 months at CFSME in Chilliwack on his TQ3 Course. He was then posted to CFB Montreal in May 1975. On the 1st of Jul 1975, he was part of the initial crew involved in the reconstruction of CFS Alert until Dec 1975. MWO Gagnon returned to Montreal in time for the Montreal Olympics in 1976. His TQ5 in 1977 took him back to CFSME for another 5 months. In the summer of 1978, he was posted to CFSME and became the first bilingual instructor in the electrical section. After serving four years at CFSME and promoted to SGT, he was posted to CFB Toronto Downsview.

    Deployed service called again, this time from August 1983 until February 1984 where he went on a UN Tour to Cyprus. He went back to CFSME for another 6 months to complete his TQ 6B in 1985 from Jan to Jul, followed by a posting to 1CEU at CFB Winnipeg from June 86-89. Remember that thing about traveling too much? This posting proved to be nothing but 3yrs between a kit bag and a suitcase.

    During his career with the Canadian Forces, MWO Gagnon has moved around to serve in many areas after he was posted in July 89 to CFB North Bay. While posted to North Bay, he has achieved the following accomplishments: -Promoted WO Feb 89 as the Planning Officer -Promoted MWO mar 92 as Prod Sup, -1993 Production officer for the renovation ops room UGC amalgamation of east and west -1996 Jan – Jul CFS Alert SCEO – BOSS BEAVER! -29 Dec 1996 Retired from regular Forces -1999 Mar 26 Join the Air Reserve -Same position and more as Property Officer- -Project Liaison officer for the construction project at the David L. Pitcher building.

    Presently employed at WCE, he is a man of many hats including: -Property Officer -Requirement Officer -Utilities Officer – Energy Conservation -WCE Senior reservist -R T F senior Weapons instructor -Acting WCEO as required. 

    As a reservist, MWO Gagnon’s life outside of CFB North Bay is quite busy as he also balances a second career downtown in a sports store. An avid shooter, he was president of the Base shooting club for 19 yrs and an Instructor and Safety Officer for the shooting club downtown. For the past 16 ½ years, he has also been an instructor and examiner for the firearms licensing and a provincial instructor for Canadian firearm safety association.

    MWO Gagnon is married to his lovely wife Lucie and will celebrate their 39th anniversary this October. His greatest accomplishments were raising their two children; MCpl Frederic Gagnon stationed at CFB Greenwood Nova Scotia as a Weapons Tech Land and his beautiful daughter Dominique who is an administrative assistant for an Optometrist in North Bay. His plan for his retirement is to teach the grandkids to fish.