MWO/Adjum J.N. MacIsaac, CD

    • MWO/Adjum J.N. MacIsaac, CD

    A Depart with Dignity ceremony will take place at the Rockcliffe lounge on the 2nd floor of the NDHQ WO’s & Sgt’s / C & PO’s Mess on 29 April 2022 from 13:00 to 17:00 hrs.  NCMs and officers are welcome to attend.  At this time, masks and COVID vaccination passports are still in effect.  To RSVP or to send anecdotes or retirement wishes, please contact MWO Trevor Knight at  Please RSVP prior to 20 April 2022.


    MWO MacIsaac joined the CAF in February 1984 as a PRes Vehicle Tech with The Elgin Regiment in St Thomas, ON. This was a short lived profession. On completion of his Recruit and Basic courses, no positions were open in this trade, so he changed to Armoured Recce. In 1996, after making his way through the ranks to Sgt, the CAF decided to roll the Elgin Regiment into 31 Combat Engineer Regiment (The Elgins). This meant starting from scratch regarding qualifications. In three short years, MWO MacIsaac was the first in his unit to reach the rank of Sgt for the second time. With a full-time civilian career, this took quite a bit of finesse and the use of personal holidays and unpaid leave. In 2000, MWO MacIsaac was afforded the opportunity to go on tour with 2 CER on Op PALLADIUM Roto 8 in BosniaHerzegovina. Upon his return, MWO MacIsaac was appointed as the Sergeant Major (SM) of 311 Field (Fd) Squadron (Sqn). The years to follow saw MWO MacIsaac spend time teaching at CFSME as well as his home unit, which stood up a second Sqn in Waterloo, ON.

    In 2008, MWO MacIsaac was offered a Class B position as Operations Officer at 31 CER. After two years, MWO MacIsaac transferred components and was posted to Meaford. The following summer in 2011, he was posted to CFSME as the Standards CoE Rep and then as the Ops MWO the year after. In 2013, MWO MacIsaac was posted to CJOC HQ as the J7 SM and Missions Training Coordinator. Additionally, MWO MacIsaac assisted with the development of the process which ensured that CAF members were properly training and prepared for international deployments. In July 2016, MWO MacIsaac was posted to 2 CER as the Regimental Headquarters SM. In July 2017, MWO MacIsaac assumed the position of 23 Fd Sqn SM and shortly thereafter, deployed on Op IMPACT Roto 6. He was very excited to fill the position of Camp SM and to obtain his CTEC certification. In July 2019, MWO MacIsaac was posted back to CJOC HQ in Ottawa to join the Operational Assessments team. In 2020, MWO MacIsaac was offered the position of Director General Plans SM and he proudly accepted that role until November 2021.

    Neil feels very fortunate for the opportunity to have met and become friends with so many different folks over the years. He is extremely proud of all those with whom he has served.

    Neil lives with his wife, Cindy, just outside the thriving town of Winchester, ON. They have two sons: David, who resides in St Thomas with his wife, Megan; and Dylon, who is presently posted to Borden with his wife, Jenna. Neil’s pride and joy are his grandchildren, Charlie (3) and Nora (1). Neil and Cindy will move near Delhi, ON, with their two dogs, Zar and Win. He looks forward to new adventures with Cindy, riding their Harley on the roads of southwestern Ontario. Neil says: “Hunting and fishing should fill in the rest of my time” and…“CHIMO, Brothers and Sisters!”