MWO/Adjum Jean-Marc Belletête, CD

    Born in Drummondville, QC, MWO Belletête enrolled in the Canadian Forces on January 18, 1974 as an EGS technician. He started his basic training on February 24, 1974 at St-Jean-sur -Richelieu followed up with Basic English training in St-Jean and Borden from May 1974 to November 1974. He proceeded than to his trade course at CFSME from November 1974 to July 1975.

    In July 1975, he was posted to CFS Senneterre, a radar site but just for a short time as he was temporarily transferred to CFS Alert for a six month tour. Afterwards in July 1978 he transferred to CFB North Bay in the NORAD underground complex and on the base construction section. During that time he graduated from his TQ5 and TQ 6A at CFB Chilliwack and was promoted to the rank of MCpl. He than accepted a transfer at the school of Military engineering CSFME at CFB Chilliwack on August 1980 as an instructor and got promoted to Sgt. In June 1983 he was transferred to CFB Trenton and took part of the newly implemented MRT, a mobile repair team under Aircom, where he is promoted to WO. After 4 years living in suitcases, he is transferred to CFB Goose Bay as a utilities Officer and got involved in the amalgamation of the radar site to an air base changeover. In December 1988, he completed his TQ 7 and got promoted to the rank of MWO. He than got transferred to CFB Montreal (St-Hubert) as the assistant to the Utility Officer. From August 1995 to July 1997 he is transfer to CFB Kingston to finally return in the Montreal area. From July 1997 to January 2004 with the implementation of the 5th ASG, he becomes the 2/ic of the Infrastructure Manager in the St-Jean and LonguePointe Garrisons. While stationed in Montreal, he was deployed in 2002 to Bosnia on a mission. From January 2004 to 2005 he filled a position as a Project Manager at ASU Valcartier. He returned to Montreal in 2005 as a Contracts Officer when he is deployed to Afghanistan FOI 3-07 ROTO 4, in 2007-08, as a Projects and Contracts Manager. In August 2008 he is again assigned to the St-Jean Garrison as the Ops O and the disciplinary Sgt mgr. 

    After some thinking, with more than 35 years of loyal and dedicate service, he decided that it was time for him to retire from the CF on April 13, 2009. He decided to take it easy for the year 2009 before looking at a possibility of a second career. MWO Belletête is married to Diane Beausejour from Acton Vale, QC and they have two children, Marie-Ève and Sebastien.