MWO/Adjum Jean-Francois Dupuis, CD

    MWO Dupuis will retire from the Canadian Forces on 3 March 2009, after 23 years of service.

    MWO Dupuis started his career in 1985 where he served with the 2R22R at Valcartier for 9 years. In 1994, he remustered to join the Air Force as a construction engineer in the WFE trade. Following training, he was posted in 1994 at CFB Trenton as a technician, then in 1998 to CFSME as an instructor. In 2003 he was posted at Valcartier to 5RGC as the construction troop WO, then in 2007 posted with to garrison CE as public works superintendent. MWO Dupuis participated in the following missions; Cyprus, Cambodia, Bosnia, Syria and 2 times in Afghanistan. After serving in several places, MWO Dupuis and his spouse Patricia decided to stay in Québec, where he will take position in the reserve.