MWO/Adjum Gérard Jobin, CD

    Born in Ste-Foy, Québec, QC, MWO Jobin enrolled in the Canadian Forces on April 26, 1978 as a Firefighter. He started his basic training on May 07, 1978 at StJean-sur -Richelieu followed up with Basic English training from July 78 to February 1979. He spends some times at the Aerospace and Ordinance school before proceeding to his firefighter course in March 79 until July 79. After completion of his course, he was posted to CFB Bagotville, QC.

    In June 1982 he was posted to CFB Halifax on the HMCS Margaree but just for a short time as he was transfer to CFB Shearwater on January 10, 1983. After requesting a remuster into Refrigeration/Mechanic he was transfer to CFB Cold Lake in August 1983. During that time he graduated from his TQ3 and TQ 5 at CFB Chilliwack. On June 1987 he was transfer to CFB Comox. During that time he was deployed to the Golan Heights for a six month tour. He also participated to the installation of the ventilating system in the new generator building at CFS Alert. In July 1994, after spending 7 excellent years, he was transfer to CFB Bagotville. From June 97 to January 98 he was deployed to CFS Alert for a six month tour. He received his promotion to MCpl on April 01, 1998. On June 30, 2000 he received his promotion to the rank of Sgt and got transfer to CFSME Gagetown has an instructor. During that time he received his promotion to the rank of WO and takes over the RM Cell Cmdt position.

    In July 2004, he was transfer as a superintendant to SHAPE (NATO) in Belgium. He gets his promotion to MWO on January 01, 2006. After spending 4 great years in Europe he gets his transfer back to CFB Bagotville in July 2008. After some thinking, he has decided that it’s time for him to retire from the CF on Jan 15, 2009 after more than 31 years of loyal and dedicate service. MWO Jobin has taken the civilian job offer at SHAPE, Belgium as an Assistant (Facilities Management / Mechanical). MWO Jobin is married to Suzanne Bergeron from Dolbeau, Lac StJean, QC.