MWO/Adjum Denis Grenier, CD

    Born in Newport, in Baie des Chaleurs, Gaspesie (Quebec), Master-Warrant Officer Denis Grenier enrolled in the Canadian Forces on March 1st, 1972. After his basic training in St-Jean, he went for six months on a second language course in Borden, Ontario, where he also did his medical assistant course. He then realized that he didn’t like this type of work. So he decided to join the infantry with the Royal 22nd Regiment where he enjoyed working for many years. Finally in 1976 he was promoted Corporal.

    In 1980, he decided to change trade to become a carpenter. After his QL-3 in Chilliwak, he was transferred to Longue-Pointe, Montreal. In 1982, he completed his QL-5 and in 1984 he received his CD. In 1985, he was posted to Mont-Apica which used to be a Radar Base in northern Quebec. He thought it was quite different compared to Montreal. He worked as a carpenter and also as a volunteered fireman. It was one of the nice times in his life.

    In 1987, he was posted in Kingston, Ontario where he enjoyed working and he thought it was a good experience for him. Then in 1990, he was posted to the 5th Ambulance of Campaign in Valcartier as a carpenter. In 1991, he was promoted to Mcpl and was deployed to Koweit with a UN mission. In 1992, he returned to Longue-Pointe, Montreal. In 1994, he received his 1st buckle CD1, and in 1995 he was deployed to Croatia on a UN mission. On April 21, 1999 he was promoted to the rank of Sergent.

    In 2000, he went back to Valcartier as a shop supervisor and was Sergent at that time. In March 2002, he was promoted as a Warrant Officer then re-routed to an Engineering detachment and he completed his QIL in 2003. In 2005, he was deployed to Bosnia on another UN mission. In September 2008 he was promoted to his actual rank as Master Warrant Officer.

    After 36 years, and 10 months of dedicated regular service, Master Warrant Officer Denis Grenier will be retiring on November 24, 2008. Denis and Yveline will remain in Quebec as he enrolled in the Reserves as a project manager with the 430 THS in Valcartier.

    Good luck and good retirement! I am inviting you to send anecdotes and facts.