MWO Wayne Brown, CD

    MWO Wayne Brown joined the military in 1978 as a Military Engineer Electrician and has been an Engineer ever since. In the fall of 1978 he met his wife, Jean which was also during his first posting at Kingston, Ontario. They got formally hitched in Dec 1980. He has two daughters 26 and 28 years of age and they both reside in Red Deer Alberta.

    Wayne has enjoyed numerous postings during his career starting with CFB Chilliwack (CFSME TQ3), followed by CFB Kingston (1 CSR), CFB Petawawa (CE), CFB Shearwater (CE), CFS Goose Bay (CE), CFB Cold Lake (141 AEF), CFB Gagetown (4 ESR), 1ESU Moncton, CFB Greenwood (CE) and currently CFB Halifax (FCE).

    He has also had plenty of deployments over his past 33 years, starting with the Golan Heights in 1993 & then again in 1995, then he deployed to Bosnia in 1998 with a return back for an additional three months TAV during the summer of 2000. In 2002 he was off to Eritrea Africa to participate in an Engineer Surge for the setup and return for the teardown of two CF camps. Lastly, he has completed a total of 10 months in Afghanistan where he deployed twice with 1 ESU for the opening of the PRT and then KAF. Finally his most recent deployment was with 14 Wing Greenwood for a further 4.5 month deployment in support of the CMO; this is an Engineering organization that implements CMIC projects for the local Afghan government.

    In conclusion, he has participated in numerous domestic deployments, with many trips to the Arctic and Alert. He has enjoyed three different ANG construction deployments to California, Detroit and Fargo USA. As part of 1ESU he participated in construction projects at CFB Edmonton, CFS Bermuda, and the Canadian Embassy in Cuba. He deployed to Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and then the Winnipeg flood of 1997. He has been several times at CFSME, as incremental staff and Tp writing boards for the support of ED Tech trades training.

    Wayne plans to retire and reside in Moncton with Jean and his 2 dogs.

    The final farewell to MWO Brown will be in CFB Halifax, Juno tower on the Bridge at 1400 hrs with a pay as you go sandwich bar on the 22nd March. Please send all well wishes and congratulations to MWO Kearsley S.J to