MWO Tim Lonsdale, CD

    MWO Tim Lonsdale will be retiring from the CF on 07 November 2011 after 21+ years of dedicated service. He was born in Prince George, BC in 1968 but spent the majority of his childhood in Kamloops, BC. Tim joined the military for the first time in March of 1987 as a Communications and Radar Systems Technician. After completing POET in Kingston and the QL3 training in Borden, he was posted to Greenwood, NS in 1988 where he spent four years before getting out under the FRP in May 1992.

    He rejoined the military in 1996 as an Electrical Generating Systems Technician. In 1997 he has been posted to 4 Wing Cold Lake Construction Engineer Unit and the returned to Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering EGS Section as an instructor in 2002. In 2007 he was posted to 1 Engineer Support Unit followed by a return to Gagetown in 2009 to the 3 Area Support Group Engineer Branch.

    The various trade positions he has held include technician, shop 2IC, instructor, section commander and designer. He has also served as a project manager, Preventive Maintenance Officer and Requirements Officer. He has completed tours in CFS Alert and ROTO 1-09 Afghanistan.

    He was posted back to Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering 15 Jul 11 as the Construction Engineer Training Squadron Sergeant-Major .

    Tim, his wife Tricia and two sons Grayson and Willem are staying in Oromocto area in his new position as Project/Planning Officer at CE Gagetown.

    His departure with dignity (DWD) is scheduled for the 25th October 2011 (1130-1330hrs), at the WO’s and Sgt’s mess A-9. Luncheon attendance reservations, congratulatory messages, best wishes and anecdotes can be sent to his DWD OPI, MWO Tony Brake, at the following email address: Brake MWO KA@CFSME@Gagetown