MWO Steven Hall, CD

    • MWO Steven Hall, CD

    MWO Steven B. Hall, CD will be retiring on the 10th of September 2018 after 32+ years of loyal and dedicated service to Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers (see bio below). His DWD will be held at the WO’s and Sgt’s mess on the 30th of Aug at 1130, CFB Edmonton.

    Congratulatory messages, anecdotes, and pictures can be sent to WO D Veinot at

    MWO Hall is from Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON. He joined the CAF in Sept 1985 as an Armd Crewman and was posted to Calgary. The Strathcona’s were not serving his particular brand of gravy and he released in Nov of 1989 only to come back for more in the spring of 1991. This time posted to Petawawa with the Royal Canadian Dragoons. The Armoured life was much more pleasant as a Dragoon and while to Petawawa, He completed a UN tour to Visoko in 1994 and another in 1996 to Kluc under the NATO banner. In 1997 he took a posting to Gagetown where he explored the intricacies of the Lawfield corridor over the episcopes of many M-113s and had a few pints with the lads at the Dunn’s Corner Legion.

    Fate brought Steven into contact with a WFE tech who described countless good goes and other mild expansions of the truth and he remustered to PH Tech in the fall of 2000. His first Air Force posting was a 5-year stint in Petawawa with 2 CER. While posted there he had the opportunity to spend six glorious months in lsrael learning to juggle plumbing, heating, 75 cent rum-and-cokes and the Engineer hot tub. This was an easy task for someone with his skillset. Cheers Cory and Heavy D. The CoC was convinced he was the best dump-truck driver at the regiment and he was promoted to MCpl in 2005 and posted to 81 AEF. Thanx Marc. While in Trenton he enjoyed 2 trips to Alert and learned the ins and outs of late-night PER writing. Thanx Russ and Dean-o. Promoted in 2008 and posted to the 4 WCE Plumbing and Heating shop Sgt Hall learned what he could about NCO’ing from some very good mentors. Thanx Tim.

    Steven joined the Construction Management Team in Feb of 2009 for a tour to Afghanistan in Oct of that year. The CMO tour (his third Christmas tour) was the most rewarding for every reason a tour is rewarding. Thanx Eric, B-Rad, Tosca and Heavy G. He was OSW for the entire tour, dodged 2 dismounted IED strikes and helped return all of the members of the numerous iterations of “Team Awesome” to Canada unharmed. This is something he is very proud of. Thanx for your help James.

    Posted to Cold Lake for five long years he enjoyed various billets and used the vast knowledge gleaned from his 6-B to assist with the bed down of 700 pers at AF-21 in Wainwright. Thanx Jay. He was promoted to WO in 2012. In 2013 WO Hall took a last min posting and became the first 1ESU Kingston member, enjoyed three quick years between “Good Go” SET 2IC and Trg O and assisted in the writing of many dossiers of significance. He also spent 2.3 metric tons of money sending his friends and colleagues on courses – whether they needed them or not. His most enjoyable, challenging and rewarding job as an Engr was the yr he spent as the Maint Svcs Supr at RMC. In 2017 MWO Hall was promoted to his current rank, posted to RPOS (Edm) as the SSM, convinced to undergo the ALQ and enjoyed the “CE” life once again (thanx J-O).

    Steven is married to Glenda who is perfect for him. They have three wonderful daughters: Erin, Brandy and Brittany and 3 grandchildren: Harrison “The Colonel”, Winston “Big Mac” and “Princess” Liliana. They plan to split their time between a hobby farm in Niagara, fixing the old Harley and the older convertible, sailing and some travel.