MWO Steve Baker, CD

    MWO Baker joined the CF in May 1990 and following his Cbt Engr QL3 was posted to 2 CER, SSF Petawawa. The first 9 years of his career saw him move through the ranks to Sgt and participate in 4 deployments, one to Iraq and Kuwait in 1992, and three to Bosnia in 1994-95, 1996, and 1998. An extremely difficult posting to Regional HQ Allied Forces North Europe in the Netherlands would occupy his time from the summer of 1999-2003 where he participated in numerous international exercises and completed the Nijmegen marches twice even finding time to travel along the way. This was followed by a posting back to 2 CER and another deployment to Bosnia in 2003-04 followed by Afghanistan 2005-06. In 2006-07 he attended language training in Petawawa and in the summer of 2007 was posted to Borden as the IC of the EOD School. He saw through the move of the EOD School from Borden to Gagetown in 2009 and was posted back to 2 CER in his current position as SSM 24 Fd Sqn.

    Aside from his very difficult posting in the Netherlands and the tours there have been many highlights throughout his career: the completion of Basic Para training along with EOD training HB, and HC; being employed as a Mine Monitor in Bosnia and Tp WO in Afghanistan; the many years playing regimental soccer; the opportunity to work with and know some of the finest people Canada has to offer and to have made such truly great friends along the way.

    After 20 years of service MWO Baker will be moving to South East Ontario, starting a second career with the Ontario Provincial Police, trading one uniform for another. Joining him will be the most important people in his life, his wife Trudi and daughter Rylan age 3 ½.

    Watch for him on the 401, he’ll be watching for you!