MWO Sandy MacDonald, CD

    • MWO Sandy MacDonald, CD

    MWO A.P. (Sandy) MacDonald will finally leave the Forces on 29 July 2012 after 41 plus years in uniform.

    Sandy was born in Hamilton Ontario and enrolled in the reserves in March of 1970 as a driver in 133 Coy RCASC. On 01 Nov 1971 he enrolled in the Regular Forces and was off to Cornwallis, NS. He moved to Gagetown in March 72 for his infantry QL 3 and then was posted to 1 PPCLI in Calgary AB in June 72.

    At 1PPCLI he was employed in B Company & HQ Coy and was trained as a machine gunner, driver, communicator and Anti-Tank Gunner (106 & TOW). He was in Anti-tank/Band platoon for 5 yrs. During his time in the Band he performed in many performances doing Stick Drill and parades as a snare drummer and even did a week at the World Expo in Spokane Washington in 76. In the fall of 77 he applied to re-muster to a Structure Technician and during his tour in Cyprus in 78 he was informed that he was accepted and would start his Str Tech QL 3 in Jan 1979.

    Upon completion of his QL 3 at Chilliwack, BC, he was posted to CE Section at CFB Borden, From May to July of 1980 & 81 he found himself in Alert and Eureka. Cpl MacDonald was posted to 1 CER in June 1983 at Chilliwack, BC. MCpl MacDonald was posted to CFB Kingston in Jun 85 and was the Supervisor of the PMQ Service Centre. January 86 he moved to the RMC Service Centre as the Supervisor. In January 88 Sgt MacDonald was appointed as the Carpenter Shop Supervisor. It was at that time he was told that he would be staying in Kingston at least 3 more years. A week after putting a down payment on a house he received his posting instructions for CFSME. Sgt MacDonald was posted to CFSME June 1988. He was employed as an instructor in CETS, Str Tech Cell which was a very enjoyable time for Sandy. Sgt MacDonald completed his QL 6B in Aug 90 and moved to the Standards Cell in Sept of 91.

    WO MacDonald was posted to the CFS Aldergrove Service Centre in July 1992. Sandy stated that even though his years there were very hard with environmental problems, Station closure and other stressful events, it was "the Best Posting" as the people there were great to work with. WO MacDonald was posted to CFMSE Standards Sqn again in July 1996.

    With CFB Chilliwack closing WO MacDonald was posted to Engineering Services at ASU Chilliwack in July 1997. In 1999 he was promoted to MWO. MWO MacDonald after great consideration decided to take his release from the Regular Force on 08 Jan 2001.

    When the Reserve position appeared at Eng Svcs, ASU Chilliwack Sandy applied and was awarded the position as a WO in Mar 2002. At the end of his present contract he will be leaving the CF and is looking forward to starting another adventure.

    Sandy met Kathleen in August of 1999 and after a long distance relationship from England they were married 31 Dec 2000. Their plans are to stay in the Chilliwack area for now, however they may relocate in the future starting another adventure.

    His last paid day will be 29 July 12. We will be saying Good-bye in the ASU Chilliwack Combined Unit Mess on the 27 July 2012. Any stories or well wishes can be forwarded to MWO Felkar email: or call (604) 858-1011 Ext 1132 – Fax 604) 858- 1029

    Sandy total time of service Class A 1 year 180 days Reg 29 yrs 65 days Class B/A 10 years 133 days Total 41 yrs 13 days