MWO Ronald Martin, CD

    1. MWO Ron Martin will retire after 35 years of loyal and dedicated service to the C.F.

    2. Ron joined the CF on 14 May 1973 as a Med A and changed trade to Struc (Const) Tech in July 1981. He was promoted to CE Supt in Jan 2002 and achieved the rank of MWO in Aug 2005. His never-ending list of postings include CFBs: Borden, Cold Lake, Chatham, Chilliwack, Dundurn, Winnipeg, Valcartier, North Bay, Gagetown, Trenton, and Esquimalt. His deployments include Egypt in Nov 1978, CFS Alert in Oct 1984, Syria in Aug 2001 and again in June 2003.

    3. MWO Martin and his lovely wife Mary Anne, along with their Pug Caper have decided to remain settled in Trenton.

    4. An all ranks retirement function will be held in Ron’s honor on 30 Nov 2007 at a location TBD. Congratulatory messages and anecdotes are welcomed and should be forwarded via e-mail to the Point of Contact (POC) – MWO McNutt at 250-363-4887 (, or faxed to 250-363- 5784. POC: Br MWO/BCEO/CFB Esquimal