MWO Rick Arnot, CD

    MWO Rick Arnot, CD – CE Supt (former Structures Tech) - retired from the CF on 9 Dec 2011, after serving over 37+ years (31+ years in the regular forces and a further 6+ years in the reserves) of dedicated and loyal service to the CF and the CME Branch.

    MWO Arnot joined the CF in Edmonton, AB in January 1974. After completing his basic recruit training in Cornwallis, NS. He was posted to 3 PPCLI in Victoria, BC, where he spent 10 years in the infantry, and completed two UN tours in Cypress. In 1985 he remustered to the Engineers as a Structures Technician and after completing basic trades training in Chilliwack, BC, he was posted to CFB Comox. In 1990 he was posted to CFB Ottawa, ON, where he completed tours in CFS Alert and Haiti. In 1996 after the closure of CFB Ottawa (S) (Uplands) he was posted to CFB Edmonton to assist with the closure of that base. 1998 he was posted to CFB Esquimalt as one of the first members of the newly formed Naval Construction Troop. While in Esquimalt he completed tours and participated in various TAVs to Golan Heights, East Timor, Guyana, and the United Arab Emirates. MWO Arnot joined the reserves in Sep 2005 after his retirement from the regular forces and continued to work at CFB Esquimalt in the Base Construction Engineering Branch as the Contracts Supervisor until his retirement from the reserves in Dec 2012.

    Rick and his wife Kerry have firmly planted their roots in the Victoria area where Rick continues to work for BCE as a civilian member of the Contracts Section. A DwD function was held for Rick when he retired from the regular force in 2005. If you would like to personally congratulate Rick please contact him at: