MWO M.R. Nowell, CD

    After 41 + years of loyal and dedicated service to the CAF and the CME branch, MWO Nowell will be retiring on the 12th of August 2015.

    MWO Nowell was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1956. He joined the CF on the 13 of June 1974 as a Field Engineer. On completion of basic training and QL3 course Pte Nowell was posted to 3 Field Squadron, CFB Chilliwack. After almost five years in Chilliwack, Cpl Nowell was posted to CFB Shilo in May 1979.

    Cpl Nowell remustered to a Water sewage and POL tech in 1983 and was back in CFSME for his QL3 course. Upon completion of his course Cpl Nowell was posted to CFB Portage La Prairie. After a quick three year posting in Portage Cpl Nowell was packing up and moving to CFB Cold Lake. During his posting to Cold Lake, in Dec 1990 Cpl Nowell had his first deployment to UNDOF (Golan Heights) for a six-month tour.

    On the completion of his tour Cpl Nowell was on the move again being posted back to 1 CER in Chilliwack in 1991. Within a year from returning from the Golan Heights, Cpl Nowell was being deployed to Kuwait in April for a nine month tour. Upon returning from tour he was on a summer exercise in Wainwright AB. After the exercise he was on the move again in 1993 to CFB Winnipeg for his first posting there.

    During his posting to Winnipeg he was deployed to Somali for a six month tour. Cpl Nowell returned from tour to receive a posting message to CFB Shearwater along with a promotion to MCpl. Before MCpl Nowell was posted he married Deborah and the two newlyweds went to Shearwater for a four year posting. In 1996 he was again deployed to the Golan Heights for a six month tour.

    Upon his posting to CFB Cold Lake in 1997 he was promoted to Sgt. During this posting he was deployed to CFS Alert filling the position of H2O from June to Dec 1999. In Aug 2001 Sgt Nowell was posted for the second time to CFB Winnipeg. In Sept 2002 Sgt Nowell was deployed to Bosnia for a six month tour. While on tour in Dec 2002 he was promoted to WO. He was extended for a 3 month TAV in Bosnia to upgrade several POL sites. On his return to Winnipeg WO Nowell was posted to 1ESU, Moncton NB for a 2 year posting. During his posting in Moncton, he completed his 6B and ILQ courses.

    He was then posted to CFB Wainwright in March 2005 where he worked as the contract officer. In July 2007 he was posted west to CFB Winnipeg Det Dundurn. While in Dundurn he had a short deployment back to CFS Alert from Oct 2007 to Jan 2008 filling the Boss Beaver position.

    While in Dundurn he was promotion to current rank in Nov 2008. After fill the position of SCEO in Dundurn, MWO Nowell’s final posting back to Winnipeg occurred in March 2009.

    During his career MWO Nowell has had the honour and privilege of working with many excellent civilian tradespersons and military members throughout all of his posting and deployments.

    Upon his retirement, which has spanned 5 different decades, Mr and Mrs Nowell plan to reside in the Winnipeg area and do some travelling.

    Date and location of the Depart With Dignity are to be determined. Anecdotes and messages can to be sent to WO Gerald Thompson at: gerald.thompson@forces,