MWO Mike McNutt, CD

    Master Warrant Officer Michael McNutt will retire from the Canadian Forces on 10th May, 2012, after completing 27+ years of loyal and dedicated service.

    He enrolled in the Canadian Forces, in May 1985 as a Field Engineer, and upon completing basic training; was posted to 5e RGC, in BFC Valcartier PQ where he enjoyed excellent camaraderie and thrilling work such as armored vehicle driver, combat diver and water supply.

    In 1990, he re-mustered to WSPOL (WFE) Technician and was posted to CFB Edmonton where he worked happily for six years in the WFE shop learning and improving his new trade skills. During that period he gratefully accepted the opportunity to deploy on various excellent TAVs including a remarkable US exchange task in PortoRico, relief efforts for Hurricane Andrew, construction of a C-Span in Whitehorse, and an environmental assessment in Croatia.

    In 1996 he was posted to 4 ESR Construction Troop at CFB Gagetown. During those five years, he went on domestic operations including the Winnipeg flood, Montreal ice storm, and he deployed to Bosnia, and Eritrea.

    His posting to 1 ESU, CFB Moncton in 2001 began a period of recurring TAVs to Bosnia, Golan Heights, Northern Canada, Haiti, UAE and Afghanistan. This posting was thoroughly rewarding both professionally and personally, and included many new experiences such as; first house, marriage, parenthood and motorcycles. It was also the quickest six years of his career.

    In 2007 he was posted to BCE CFB Esquimalt and in 2008, deployed to Afghanistan on Roto-6. During that tour, he was fortunate enough to attend the birth of his daughter during his HLTA. MWO McNutt enjoys working in BCE Esquimalt, where he has recently accepted a civilian position.

    Upon retirement, he will remain in the Victoria area with his wife Aimee and children Toby and Holly, where he hopes to stay active within the Public Service for as long as possible