MWO Michael Budden, CD

    Mike joined the Canadian Forces on 29 October 1981 in Ottawa, on a dare from his mother, and subsequently went through Cornwallis N.S. on 13 November 1981. After graduating boot camp, he went to Kingston, ON, for the POET course. Having completed the basic POET course, he was course-loaded for 231 Heavy Radar Course as a possible technician. Having grown up on radar sites, Mike aspired to do something different, and was fortunate enough to be reassigned and course-loaded on the first available RM TQ 3 course in Chilliwack, BC, in July 1983.

    After graduating the course, then Sapper Budden was posted to Masset, BC and after a quick 18 mths, was posted to Beaverlodge, AB, a radar site, promoted Cpl, and back to Chilliwack for TQ5 course. It was only then that he realized that an RM tech’s primary tasking was support to radar installations.

    In July 87, Mike was posted to CFB Edmonton and remained there for 5 yrs, working various assignments within the RM Shop. In March 88, he went on his first UN tour, Op Danaca, and thoroughly enjoyed his tour and the experience.

    In the summer of 1992, he was promoted to MCpl and was posted to CFB Trenton, ON, and worked in the RM shop. During the spring of ’93, he participated in Op Snowgoose, the cessation of Cdn operations in Cyprus. In the fall of ’94, it was back to Chilliwack to attend 6A course.

    In Jan 1995, Mike went to work within 86ASU until posting in 2001. It was during this time that he was primarily responsible for 3rd line maintenance for Mobile Aircraft Arresting Systems and countless deployments in support of CF-18 operations within Canada and the USA. During that timeframe, he was tasked with a six month tour to Alert, from Apr-Oct 96. In 2000, Mike went on his second tour to Israel, as I/C RM Shop.

    In September 2001, Mike was lucky enough to be posted to 17 Wing Winnipeg, and quickly got tasked with Op Apollo, after 9/11, and went to U.A.E in Feb 02 on the ‘hotel tour’ to aid in maintenance and construction of Camp Mirage. After returning from tour, he worked in the Contracts cell until July 03 where he was promoted to Sgt, and posted to 9 Wing Gander, as CE Ops O for the next four years.

    In July 07, another posting was in order, with a promotion to WO, and off to 1ESU Moncton. Upon arrival there, he prepared for deployment to Afghanistan, and was part of Roto 5, from Feb-Sept 08. Mike thoroughly enjoyed his tour there, primarily working in project management and overseeing various construction projects.

    Mike was promoted to MWO in March 2010.

    During his career, Mike has been part of various construction engineering exchanges, Puerto Rico in Feb 92, Savannah Georgia in June 94, Biloxi Mississippi in June 95, various maintenance runs to Alert and Eureka while posted to Trenton, and Whitehorse Yukon looking after the cadet camp while posted to Edmonton.

    Mike has had a memorable career as an RM tech, and afforded the opportunity to travel to all points of our fair land. After 29+ years service to the Crown and essentially all of it to the Engineering Branch, Mike has reached the next juncture in his life, and with the support of his wife Mary, is retiring to take advantage of their home located by the bay in Grande Digue, maybe even finish his gazebo project. No real immediate job considerations other than helping his wife Mary in support to the Moncton Lions Community Centre, getting his John Daly swing back on the various golf courses in the area, and submitting his name in the Supplementary Reserve list as a future consideration, and for the interim, cutting down on haircuts even more.