MWO Marc Pacaud, CD

    • MWO Marc Pacaud, CD

    MWO Marc Pacaud, CD 2 will be retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces on the 6th of March 2019 after 33+ years of dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch (bio attached).  There will be no Depart with Dignity Ceremony as per the members request. With kind regards, he would like to thank everyone that he has met throughout his career, supervisors, friends and colleagues, for all the support, guidance and cooperation you have given him.  He wishes you all the best and thanks you for your cherished friendship.

    Master Warrant Officer Marc Pacaud joined the CF in Sudbury, ON on the 5th of July 1985. On completion of his basic training in Cornwallis, NS, he was transferred to Wainwright AB for his basic infantryman training, where he graduated from his Basic Infantryman Course (QL3) 31st of January 1986 and was posted to 3 PPCLI in Esquimalt, BC. In 1987 he was asked if he would like to be transferred to 2 PPCLI for their remaining year in Germany. The obvious answer was, yes, and he packed his gear one more time and joined 2 PPCLI in Baden Soellingen, Germany on the 17th of July 1987. He returned to Winnipeg, MB in 1988 with 2 PPCLI. On his return to Canada he completed an OT and quickly after submitting the paperwork he was on his QL 3 PH tech course in Chilliwack, BC. Once qualified he was packing up again and off to Moose Jaw, SK in 1991. After a few years in Moose jaw, he was on the road again and was posted Goose Bay, NL in 1994. His time was short in Goose Bay and then he was whisked off to Petawawa, ON where he would do ten years with 2 CER. After his promotion to WO he was posted in 2006 to Kingston, ON. He would do three years on his first rotation through Kingston and from there he went to Trenton, ON in 2009 to fill in as the MWO in HQ Ops. 2015 came around and he was going back home to Kingston to join up with 1 ESU who were in the midst of moving from Moncton to Kingston. October 2016 saw MWO Pacaud, after his yearlong deployment, posted to Ottawa, ON to RP Ops (DET NCR) Ottawa. On July 13th 2018 he was transferred to DGAEPM Gatineau, QC (North Warning).

    Master Warrant Officer Pacaud was promoted to his current rank on June 22nd 2009 and remained in Kingston to take over as CE Superintendent (Works). After only a year in the position he was transferred to Trenton, where he took over as the CE Superintendent (Operations). A year later he was transferred over to fill the MWO position with 86 ASU, also in Trenton. Within his time as 86 ASU MWO, the amalgamation of 86 ASU and 81 AEF happened and he found himself as the 86 ASU/81 AEF MWO. From there he was posted to 1 ESU in Kingston as the 11 SSM and Project Coordinator. In 2015 he was seconded to Global Affairs Canada where he completed his yearlong deployment in Afghanistan supporting the Embassy as the Facilities Specialist. From there he returned to Canada and was posted to Ottawa as the MWO in Leitrim. Before he could do a day in his new position, he was scooped up by RP Ops (NCR Ottawa). MWO Pacaud was posted to his current position in 2018 with NWS QA Audit team (ADM MAT).

    Over the course of his career, Master Warrant Officer Pacaud has served on domestic Operations Red River Flood in Manitoba and completed three trips to Alert that varied in length from one month to almost seven. He has done several operational tours including a 2 month camp teardown (Camp Julienne, Afghanistan), a 1 year deployment to Kabul Afghanistan, 3 DART deployments (Honduras, Turkey and Sri Lanka). MWO Pacaud also did two tours (CC UNDOF, Qunaytirah, Syria) a tour in Bosnia and Kosovo.

    Master Warrant Officer Pacaud will be retiring with 33+ years from the Canadian Forces. He will be returning to the Kingston area where he will continue working as a public servant with the Canadian Forces as a Contracts inspector RP Ops (Det Kingston)