MWO Lockart, CD

    Master Warrant Officer R.A.Lockhart was born on the 22nd of August 1955 in Campbellton New Brunswick. He enrolled in the CF on the 4th of Sept 1975 in Moncton NB. MWO Lockhart completed his recruit training at CFRS Cornwallis in December 1975, after which he was posted to 1 Fd Sqn (now 2 CER) Petawawa where the Sqn was involved in work up training for the security for 1976 Olympics, after which he attended his QL 3 at CFSME in Chilliwack in September 1976.

    In December 1976 upon completion of his basic trades training MWO Lockhart was posted to 3 Fd Sqn CFB Chilliwack. During his 1st tour in the unit he deployed to the Middle East in 1980 and participated in the northern airfield construction project in Alert 79 and Eureka NWT in 81, he also participated in the flyovers to 4 CER Lahr West Germany in 1982 and 83. And as a member, of the Heavy Equipment Section participated in Ex RV 81 Gagetown.

    In 1984, MWO Lockhart was posted to 4 CER Lahr Germany, where as a Sgt he served as Fd Troop Section Comd, Fd Troop Recce Sgt, and the Resources Troop WO.

    In July 1989, MWO Lockhart was posted back to Canada to BCE CFB Gagetown, as the Training Area Supervisor for Roads and Grounds. While with CE he was responsible for the numerous road and bridge maintenance projects in the training area.

    In July 1992, MWO Lockhart was posted back out west to 1 CER Chilliwack where on arrival, he was sent to the Former Yugoslavia as a Engineer LO in Aug, when he returned to Chilliwack in Apr 93, he was employed as 11 Fd Sqn Ops Sgt and Regt Trg Sgt until Apr 94 when he was once again sent to the former Yugoslavia as the Fd Troop Recce Sgt. Upon his return in Nov 94, MWO Lockhart was employed as Regt HQ Troop WO and Regt Ops and Trg Sgt, until his promotion to WO in July 95 when he was posted to CFSME.

    In July 1995, MWO Lockhart was posted to CFSME Chilliwack, as a Field Engineer Doctrine writer and as the Sqn Sgt - Maj for Doctrine Training Development Sqn. In July 1997 as CFSME was preparing to move to CFB Gagetown. MWO Lockhart was posted to CFSME DET CFB Gagetown as the schools move Sgt – Maj. Upon the completion of the move of CFSME to Gagetown, MWO Lockhart took a French course and when finish returned to CFSME as FD Engr Standards WO, until July 2000 when he was posted to 2 CER Petawawa

    In Sept 2000, after only a month in Petawawa MWO Lockhart was given the task of contingent WO for the 56th anniversary of the Airborne Ops at Armen Holland. A month of touring the battlefields and Canadian war cemeteries of northern France and Germany was one of the high lights of the posting to 2 CER. As well as the winter warfare exercise when as the A/SSM of the field Sqn MWO Lockhart was the only one in the Sqn that was qualified to operate the snow mobile after the Sqn MT NCM was hit and sent home from the exercise. He is very sorry that he had to operate the snowmobile and could not partake in the daily route marches of the exercise.

    In July 2002, MWO Lockhart was promoted to his present rank and posted to CFSME Gagetown as the school Ops MWO.

    In Apr 2004, MWO Lockhart was posted to 4 ESR as 42 Fd Sqn SSM; during this time he deployed with a composite Sqn to Fort Bragg NC for a 10 day vacation with the 27th Engr Btl of the 82nd Airborne, needless to say it was fun playing all the old war games, with the younger guys and the old silver back, had a good time we think. In June of 2005 MWO Lockhart was tasked to deploy to Africa on Op Augural as the Sgt-Maj of the training center for AMIS (African Union Mission in Sudan). Upon his return in Oct 05, MWO Lockhart was employed as the A/OC of 48 Admin Sqn until Jan of 06 when he took over the 48 SSM’s position.

    In July 2006, Master Warrant Officer Lockhart was posted back to the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering and appointed to the position of Squadron Sergeant Major, Standards Squadron.

    MWO Lockhart is retirning from the Regular Force on 1 June 2008 and starting his new employment with the Reserve Forces on 2 June 2008, here at CFB Gagetown.

    MWO Lockhart is married to Wanda (Decker) of Ship Cove NFLD, and they have 2 children, Barbara and Charles.