MWO Kim Lund, CD

    After 32 years, and 4 months of dedicated regular service, MWO Kim Lund will be retiring on January 13, 2009.

    Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Master-Warrant Officer Lund immigrated to Canada in 1957. He enrolled in the Canadian Forces on September 16th, 1976. After his basic training, he was posted to 3 RCHA in Shilo and was promoted to Corporal in October, 1980. While a member of 3 RCHA, he was deployed to Nicosia, Cyprus as part of the UN mission and was involved in an exchange program to Ft. Polk, Louisiana in 1980

    In 1981, he changed trades and became a structural technician. After his QL-3 in Chilliwack, he was posted to CFB Borden. While at CFB Borden, he served two tours in CFS Alert. He was also able to complete his QL-5 training.

    In 1988, he was posted to CFB Goose Bay where he was promoted to the rank of Master-Corporal in 1989. In 1990 he was posted to CFB Kingston where he was able to complete his QL-6A training and gain the rank of Sergeant. While in Kingston, he was employed in a variety of roles. These roles included time in the PMQ Service Centre as the 2IC, the Design and Estimating Cell, the RMC Structural Supervisor and the Contracts Cell as the DCC liaison officer. In 1995, he was posted to CFB Esquimalt spending his time between contracts and the emergency response team. He also deployed to the Golan Heights on a TAV towards the end of his time in Esquimalt. In 1998, he was posted to CFSME in Gagetown to be an instructor in CETS. In 2001, he was posted to CFB Winnipeg and was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer. He was employed in Ops planning as well as contracting. In 2002, he deployed to the Golan Heights for the second time as the CE WO as part of the UN mission. In 2004, he was posted to CFB Halifax. In 2005, he was promoted to the rank of Master-Warrant Officer. In 2006, he was posted to CFB Suffield in the Works Coordinator role.

    Master-Warrant Officer Kim Lund will be staying in Medicine Hat with his family after his retirement from the CF.

    Please send all congratulations messages or anecdotes to Capt C.S. Terrio at terrio.cs