MWO John Browning, CD

    MWO John Browning joined the CF in May 1981 and was posted to CFB Cornwallis for basic training. After completing the TQ3 Infantry Course in Wainwright he was posted to Calgary with the 1st Battalion PPCLI for the next six years. In Apr 1984 he completed the ISSC and was promoted to MCpl and soon went overseas to Cyprus.

    After his return to Canada he applied to change trades and in 1987 went to Borden on the TQ5 PERI course. As a PERI he was posted across the country several times. He left Calgary for a posting to CFB Gagetown where he met his lovely wife Clara and his daughter Cassandra was born. Both Clara and John were then posted to Masset BC for four years. In 1995 they were posted to CFB Halifax.

    When the PERI trade closed he took the compulsory remuster to WSPOL. His QL3 course in CFB Chilliwack finished in Nov 1997 and he was posted back to Formation Halifax. As a WFE Tech in Halifax with the NCT and WFE Section he was promoted twice, built a bridge in Laurencetown, went overseas to tear down TSG and worked two summers at CFSME. In 2004 they left Halifax for Winnipeg, John was the WWTP Supervisor. While in Winnipeg he was able to be part of the first MSS and did a six month tour in Mirage.

    In 2008, John was promoted and posted to 8 Wing Trenton with 86 ASU. He worked and played there for three years including a tour with the JTF in Afghanistan in 2009. 2011 saw John being promoted to MWO and posted across the street as the Flt MWO for 81 CEF.

    After 31 + years both MWO Browning and his spouse of 25 years, Sgt Clara Poirier will retire at the same time, 5th of Mar 2013. They are looking to buy a house on Lake St Clair in a retirement village called Lighthouse Cove and fish the years away. A retirement gathering will be held in their honour at 1300 hrs 2 Nov 2012 at the Trenton Legion. Congratulatory messages and well wishes may be sent to Sgt White (