MWO Henry J. Samms, CD

    MWO Samms was born in Woodville Newfoundland. He enrolled in the Canadian Armed forces in 1977 as an infantryman. Pte Samms started training in Cornwallis Nova Scotia on 08 Aug 1977 and after completing his Basic Training he was posted to Wainwright to complete his Infantryman QL3 Training at the PPCLI Battle School. From there was posted to 2 PPCLI in Winnipeg in Feb 1978. For the next few years he completed courses such as machine gunner, basic communicator, driver wheel and driver track, and others. Pte Samms also spent 4 months with LETE (Ottawa) and test drove the deul track which is still used on the M113. He also did some test driving of the MLVW. He participated in many exercises and in the summer of 1981 he became incremental staff at the PPCLI Battle School.

    In Jan of 1982 he was surprised to be accepted earlier than forecasted for his LOTRP to Plumber Gas Fitter. He was of to Sunny Chilliwack for his QL3 upon completion of his Ql3 he was posted to North Bay for the longest posting of his career at 22 NORAD HQ or more affectionately known as The Hole. While in the hole he came to the surface to attend his QL4 course and do two 1CEU tours in Alert. While in North Bay he meet and married the lovely Debbie Pittman from St. John’s NL. They have four children Jane-Ann, Margaret, Theresa and Jacob. All were born in North Bay. After completing 5 years underground Cpl Samms was moved to Base Side above ground were he did time as a Production Scheduler, estimator-designer, supervisor of the special projects and supervisor of the PMQ Service Center. His last task was to complete 6 month tour in Alert.

    From North Bay MCpl Samms was posted to CFB Winnipeg as the Shop 2IC. After two years there Sgt Samms was posted to CFSME Chilliwack in July 1992. He spent only a little over one year in CFSME before moving to Victoria for the year long French course. Then it was of to BFC St Jean Quebec.

    After two years and numerous projects Sgt Samms was posted to 4 ACT 4ESR Gagetown in 1996. He did a term as the RECCE Sgt for the ACT and was the Acting Troop WO during the deployment training for and execution of ROTO 4 in Bosnia in 1999. Upon return from Bosnia he as posted to 17 Wing Det Dundurn, as the Plumbing Shop Supervisor.

    One year later he was promoted to WO and became the Production Officer for a two year term. In 2003 he returned to CFS Alert for a short term as the Boss Beaver and was promoted to MWO in July of that year and posted to Wainwright were he spent time as the Construction Engineer Sergeant Major and the Engineering Officer. He also took another trip to Bosnia in 2003.

    In July of 2005 MWO Samms was posted to the Golan Heights as the Engineer Sergeant Major. During his 9 months in the Golan Heights MWO Samms filled positions as both the SM and the acting OC during the hand over to the Indian Army. In March of 2006 MWO Samms was posted back to Canada to CFSME with about a four month stop in Dundurn. At CFSME he filled the positions of SM and OPS MWO in Construction and Airfield Engineering and for his final 6 months he was the SM CETS. Henry and Debbie will be staying in the Gagetown Area where he has taken a 3 year contract as a reservist. They plan to work for a while longer and spend as much time as possible spoiling their four grandchildren. They are expecting number five this spring