MWO G Killam, CD

    In August of 1985 Master Warrant Officer Killam joined the Canadian Forces (CF) in Saint John, NB. In September he arrived in Cornwallis, NS to start Basic training. When Basic training was complete he then went to Petawawa to the RCR battle school. Upon completion of Battle school in 1987 he was posted to 2RCR in CFB Gagetown. 4 years later he was jumping out of planes on a basic parachutist course and then posted to 3 Commando (3 Cdo) as part of the Airborne Regiment in Petawawa. He finished out his Infantry days in Petawawa and received a LOTRP in 1992 to Electrical Generating Systems technician.

    He was then posted to Chilliwack, BC to complete his apprentice training (qualification level QL3), and was awarded the top student on this course. Upon completion (after 7 months) he was posted to North Bay, Ont. to work in the power plant at the Regional Operational Control Center (ROCC).While he was at that location he completed a 6 month tour of Alert, a six month tour of Golan Heights (where he received an accommodation ) his JLC, Journeyman (QL5) training and got divorced. After five years in North Bay he got posted out of the underground complex.

    His next posting was to 1Combat Engineer Regiment in Edmonton, Alberta. While there he was part of the biathlon team and did 8 months tour in Bosnia. While in Bosnia he was promoted to the rank of Master Corporal and was posted after only spending about a year and a half in Edmonton.

    He arrived at the EGS section of CFSME (which had moved to CFB Gagetown) a new Master Corporal ready to instruct. He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and completed the EGS supervisor course (6a) then in 2004 was posted to 1 Engineering Support Unit (1 ESU) Moncton, NB. While in Moncton he carried out work in Cuba, Sudan, and 3 times in Afghanistan along with completing the 6b. He was promoted to Warrant Officer prior to being deployed to Afghanistan for the second time.

    At the completion of the last tour to Afghanistan he was posted to CFSME as the EGS Section Commander, and spent time as the A Flt WO and the SSM. In 2010 he was posted to 1CER Edmonton and then to the Operations Superintendent position at ASU Edmonton Engineering Works Company. He is retiring form this current position.

    After more then 25 years MWO Killam has accepted a job with a civilian organization and will be staying in the Edmonton area with his loving wife Connie.