MWO DC Heath, CD

    MWO Heath’s military career started in Newfoundland on 6 Aug 1981 where he enrolled as a 041 Field Engineer and in 1987 he remustered to Str Tech (Const Tech). He didn’t what the trouble of changing hat badges so he stayed within the Engineer family.

    As a Sapper, he was posted to 22 Fd Sqn at CFB Gagetown where he was employed in a field section. There he took part in Ex Brave Lion in Norway and RV 83/85/87. After RV 87 he got his remuster to Str Tech. Upon completing his Apprentice course in 1988, he was posted to CFB Shilo where he stayed until 1990. He had enough of the mid west and was posted to CFB Goose Bay, his homeland, appointed OPI for the famous fish camp “Eagle River” he spent many hours trying his luck. He was also a member of a team of Engineers that repaired part of the military camp of Newcastle in Jamaica.

    After 4 years in Goose Bay it was time to move on so in 1994 he was posted to CFB Gagetown to 4ACT, 4 ESR where he was involved with many construction projects and had a tour in Haiti in 1996. After the painful time of being a FE again and promoted to MCpl he move on to be an instructor at CFSME in 1997. In 2001 he was posted to 1 ESU as a Sgt where he was part of 2 SET. Here he was involved with numerous projects and had 3 trips to Bosnia and 2 to Afghanistan. While at 1 ESU he was promoted to WO and this summer promoted to MWO with a posting back to CFSME where he made his final call after 26+ years of services.

    MWO Heath and family will be residing in Moncton working as lead hand for a local contractor for the time being with hopes of receiving a position within CE at Gagetown in the very near future.

    Sgt Kaizer is the OPI for this retirement Kaizer Sgt KM@CFSME@Gagetown. A luncheon will be held before 14 Nov.