MWO Dave Arsenault, CD

    MWO Arsenault has decided to leave the Military after 29 plus years of service to Queen and Country. He joined the Canadian Forces in Toronto on the 15 Feb 1978 and on the 24 Feb he was off to CFB Cornwallis. Once basic training was completed he proceeded to Chilliwack for Electrician Trades training. Upon graduation he was posted to 4 ESR Gagetown to start his apprentice training as an Electrician. In 1980 he was posted to CFB Borden and in 1985 he was posted to CFB Uplands where he resided for eight years. Now a Sgt, in July 1993 he was posted to Halifax but after trying the Navy for three years, decided to go back to the Air force with the AEF in Greenwood. From here it was decided with his experience as an Electrician, it was time to pass on his knowledge and skill to the more junior military members. He was promoted to WO and posted to CFSME Gagetown as the Electrical Cell supervisor in 2000. After promotion to MWO he was given the responsibility of B flight MWO. Since he could no longer take the cold, in 2004 MWO Arsenault headed to the west coast to Abbotsford BC as the MWO at 192 Air Field Engineering Flight. After about two years he discovered that 30 days of rain straight was worse than the cold so once again, in 2006, he was posted to his final military position as the Assistant Facilities Manager (Prod Supt) at BCE, CFB Petawawa.

    During his 29 plus years of service MWO Arsenault had several taskings with 1 ESU and the AEF’s throughout Canada and the US. He has also completed several tours to CFB Alert, in 1982, 1984, 1991, and again in 1995. In addition he served on UN missions in the Golan Heights (2), once in 1990 and again in 2005. Haiti in 1997, and Roto 0 to Kosovo in 1999.

    MWO Arsenault's last day at work is the 31st of Aug though he actually retires on Nov 4th. As with a lot of our Engineers Dale will not be going far. He will start back in the section as an Electrical Designer on the 10th of Sept. A retirement function will be held at a later date, likely late Oct or early Nov. TBD Any antidotes, lies, stories and best wishes can be forwarded to myself for presentation at his DWD function. Anyone wishing to attend his function please let me know and I will ensure you are made aware of the date.