MWO Dave Alsderson, CD

    MWO Dave Alderson will retire from the Canadian Forces on 5 July 2009 after more than 29 years of loyal and dedicated service to CF and Engineers.

    MWO Alderson joined the Canadian Forces on the 2nd of Apr 1980, in Montreal, Quebec. On completion of his recruit training in Cornwallis he was posted to the PPCLI Battle School, located in wonderful Wainwright, Alberta. After 17 weeks learning the fine art of Infanteering he was posted to the 1st Battalion PPCLI, in Calgary, Alberta.

    It was in Calgary that he met his wife, Syndi and started his family. In the summer of 1985, they got the posting of a lifetime overseas, to the 2nd Battalion PPCLI in Baden Soellingen, West Germany. To this day he is not really sure how that happened as he was not a “hockey player”. Unfortunately it ended all too soon as the Battalion rotated home in the summer of 1988 to Winnipeg MB.

    In the fall of 1988 his LOTRP came through and he started his new career as a Refrigeration and Mechanical Technician, completing OJT at CFS Holberg that fall. January of 1989 found him in Chilliwack for his trades training, and while on course he found out he was to remain in Winnipeg, only now he would be working on the dark side, or the Air Force side.

    It was in 1991 his first UN tour came along, Cyprus, of note he fondly remembers his time as PMC of the Engineer’s Mess. 

    In 1992, he was posted to North Bay, Ontario. It was from there that he went to Somalia in 1993 and served there proudly with 2 CER. In 1995 he was off again on tour, this time to Croatia with UNPROFOR.

    Posted to Gander next in 1997, he quickly learned why Newfoundlanders love the Rock so much. From Gander he was out the door on tour to the Golan in 1998. Not done yet he went on tour to Camp Mirage in 2002.

    Somehow the career manager slipped up when he posted him next to St. John’s NL in 2003. Sadly, after 8 years he finally had to say goodbye to the Rock in 2006 when he found himself full circle and posted back in Winnipeg where he had started his CE career.

    From Winnipeg he managed to get in a TAV to Afghanistan in 2007 and was actively involved with 17 MSS and Maple Guardian 2008. Currently employed in Winnipeg as the UMWO he definitely considers that honour and 17 MSS CSM to be the highlight of his career and one he will cherish forever.

    Dave will retire from the CF on 5 Jul 09 and plans to continue to serve his country with the Air Reserves. He and his wife Syndi have settled into their new home in Elie MB and plan to stay there for the foreseeable future. They are joined there by his daughter Michelle, who is also a serving member of the CF and by his son Alexander with his fiancé.

    A Retirement Luncheon and Depart with Dignity ceremony will be held in MWO Alderson’s honour at a date yet to be determined. Please forward congratulatory messages to MWO MacLeod at