MWO // Adjum Stephane Tremblay, CD

    • MWO // Adjum Stephane Tremblay, CD

    Master Warrant Officer Stephane Tremblay joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1992 as a boatswain for HMCS D’Iberville (Naval Reserve Division in Rimouski). After completing in BMQ and QL1 as a Reservist, he deiced to join the regular force. He was enlisted as a hull technician in April 1994.

    After completing his basic training in English, he was posted to Esquimalt for his NQ3 in his new job. Upon successful completion, he was assigned to HMCS Toronto where he participated in fishing patrols near Newfoundland (not always easy for a new sailor, the North Atlantic in March, April) and also took to Victory Day celebrations in Europe. He had the chance to visit Iceland, Ireland, England, Holland, Portugal and the Madeira Islands. He also had the chance to commission HMCS St-John's in 1996.

    After completing his QL5, he was posted to the HMCS Ville de Québec in 1998. He took part in several trips and celebrations on the American east coast as well as in the Caribbean. It was also at this moment that he met Virginie, with whom he has shared his life ever since. The Navy's decision to replace firefighters with hull technicians, trained in helicopter crashes, was critical to him. It was when he participated in the first conversion course at Esquimalt that his passion for the firefighting profession was revived.

    After being accepted for a VOT to the trade of firefighter, he was transferred to Bagotville in 2004. It was also during his very first day in Bagotville that his son Guillaume was born and a few months (19 months) later his daughter Elizabeth. During this first stay in Saguenay, he completed his QL5, participated in suppression efforts during the crash of a CF-188 on the Monts-Valin and went to Canada's Far North for a trip to Inuvik. He was promoted to the rank of Master Corporal in 2008. After his promotion, he taught at the Canadian Forces Fire School in Borden. During this four-year stay, he acted as an instructor on several formations of QL3, QL5, QL6A, and different levels of hazardous materials. After his promotion to Sergeant, he was appointed Course Director for the QL6A.
    In 2012, he returned to Bagotville, where he participated in work-up training in Valcartier, for his deployment in Kabul, Afghanistan, during the NATO training mission. He acted as a firefighter adviser for the Afghan Air Force. Upon his return, he was employed as platoon chief at the fire station. With promotion to Warrant Officer, he was posted to 2 Wing as a firefighter advisor for deployed air force training.

    Between 2015 and 2017, he was posted between 2 Wing as an adviser and 3 Wing as platoon chief. He was promoted to the rank of Master Warrant Officer in January 2018 and took part in the Fellowship Program at Communitech, a company located in Kitchener, Ontario. Upon his return, he acted as a senior firefighter adviser, where he participated in several collective training sessions.

    After a career of more than 27 years in the CAF, his family (Virginie, Guillaume and Élizabeth) and him, took the decision to stay in Saguenay. He accepted a position for the Quebec Ministry of Transport at Saint-Honoré Airport. He remained active in the fire service as a deputy fire chief of the Saint-Honoré fire department and will continue his involvement in his community.