MCpl/Cplc T.A. Easton

    MCpl Easton enrolled in the CAF on 04 Sep 2010 in Edmonton, Alberta. He was flown to CFB Borden to complete the BMQ course, running from 7 Sep 2010 until graduation on 10 Dec 2010. He was then flown to CFB Gagetown where he completed SQ (Land) from 15 Mar 2011 to 13 Apr 2011 and DP1 from 02 Aug 2011 to 29 Sep 2011.

    After completing DP1, MCpl Easton was posted to 1 CER on 7 Oct 2011, where he joined 13 Armoured Sqn’s Field Tp. On 12 Mar 2012, he was moved to 11 Fd Sqn.

    He was promoted to Cpl on 02 Sep 2013 and was moved to CIED Troop on 02 May 2014. Two years later, he was sent on the Advanced CMD course at Elgin Airforce Base in Florida. Cpl Easton passed the IEDD Operator course on 22 Nov 2017 and the PLQ course on 23 Nov 2018.

    On 21 Jul 2018, his beautiful wife, Meghan, agreed to marry him which by now, she probably regrets.

    He was promoted to MCpl on 01 Jan 2019 and left Canada on his first military tour to Kam’yanets’- Podil’s’kyi, Ukraine, with OP UNIFIER on 11 Oct 2019. When he returned to Canada, he was moved to 12 Fd Sqn, 3 Tp, 3 Sect as Sect 2I/C on 10 Jun 2020

    MCpl Easton will retire from the CAF on 21 Jul 2021. He will pursue a Business Management diploma through NAIT as well as a Dental Assisting course