MCpl/Cplc M.R. Jones, CD

    After more than 14 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers, MCpl Michael Jones, CD, will retire on 01 February 2022. Congratulatory messages and best wishes can be sent to WO K. McLaren at

    Michael enrolled in the CAF on 27 July 2007 as a Construction Technician. He was attached-posted to 17 Wing Winnipeg for OJE in early 2008 while awaiting the QL3 course, and was posted directly back to Winnipeg after the course in June 2009. While in Winnipeg, he completed the QL5 course in 2012, was deployed on OP CALUMET in 2013-14, and assisted with flood relief during OP LENTUS in 2014.

    In March 2015, he was posted to 1 CER, where he completed the PLQ and QL6A courses. He deployed on numerous taskings, including to Resolute Bay, CFB Wainwright, and CFB Suffield, and on a TAV for OP UNIFIER in the summer of 2017.

    In November 2018, he was posted to RPOU(W) Sect Edmonton where he worked with Planning, the Structural Shop, and finally the Ops/Prod Supt position, from which he is now retiring.

    Michael has decided to make Edmonton his home after finding employment within RPOU(W) Sect Edmonton as the Unit tile-setter.

    Michael would like to thank everyone with whom he has worked, especially those who have mentored him during the past 14 plus years. As much as he looks forward to life as a civilian, he will miss and hold in deep regard, all the friends he has made and the military and civilian personnel with whom he has worked domestically and abroad. He wishes them all good tidings in their future endeavours.