MCpl/Cplc J.A. Perrier, CD

    • MCpl/Cplc J.A. Perrier, CD

    MCpl Perrier will be retiring from the CAF on the 19 June 2016 after 30 years of loyal and dedicated service to Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers (see bio attached).

    Anecdotes or retirement wishes may be sent to the OPI by e-mail.  OPI:  Sgt JF Rousseau  or by phone at 705-424-1200 Ext 7177.

    MCpl Perrier joined the Canadian Forces in Montreal 10 October 1984 and went to St-Jean recruit school. He then went on to join the Royal 22nd Regiment in Val Cartier, QC. In 1985, he was posted to Lahr, Germany for 4 years. In April 1989, he was promoted to MCpl and in the July of the same year, returned to Valcartier and requested a remuster to firefighter. While waiting for his OT in April 1990, MCpl Perrier was transferred to the Infantry Combat School as an instructor. Then in August 1990, he deployed to the Oka Crisis with the 2nd Battalion Royal 22nd Regiment.

    Finally in March 1991, MCpl Perrier received an occupational transfer to firefighter and subsequently graduated from QL3 Firefighter in July 1991 and accepted a posting to Ottawa. In 1995, he was posted to HMCS Ville de Quebec for 4 years and 2 months. In May 1995 he deployed to Ex-Yugoslavia and in 1999 was at sea during the crash of Swiss Air Flight 111 when he assisted with casualty retrieval to the ship by zodiac. In 1999, MCpl Perrier was posted to CFB Bagotville and on his days off was a Fire Inspector for an insurance company.

    MCpl Perrier released in 2004 and continued his job as a fire inspector in Gatineau Quebec. In 2005, he joined the Primary Reserve. As a clerk in 2006, he was promoted to MCpl and assigned as supervisor of the Supplementary Reserve. In 2008, Andre released from the Primary Reserve and accepted a position as the President of Edelweiss Construction (construction Company). In 2009, he rejoined the Primary Reserve, once again as a supervisor of the Supplementary Reserve. In 2010, MCpl Perrier deployed to Afghanistan with the US Army 10th Mountain Division Fort Drum for 9 Months as their Fire Marshal. In 2013, he accepted a Class B Cpl position at CFFCA as an SCBA Maintainer. In 2015, he received a transfer to the Regular Force at CFFCA as an instructor.

    MCpl Perrier will be retiring in the Ottawa area and will once again assume a position in the Primary Reserve.

    CHIMO! et au revoir