MCpl Yannick Plante, CD

    • MCpl Yannick Plante, CD

    MCpl Yannick Plante will be releasing from the CAF after more than 12 years of service to the branch.  His last official day in the CAF will be 06 Jan 2020.  There will be a Departure With Dignity Ceremony on 27 November 2019 at 1200 hrs at the Boston Pizza in Cold Lake.  Please forward any congratulatory messages, anecdotes, and farewell messages to Sgt Roscoe Wiseman at


    .MCpl Yannick Plante joined the Canadian Armed Forces on 09 December 2007 in Québec City, QC, as a Construction Technician. On completion of his recruitment training in St-Jean-surRichelieu, QC, he was posted back to his home base, Valcartier, QC. In 2009, he completed his QL3 Carpentry Apprenticeship Course at the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering in Gagetown, NB. In 2011, he deployed to Kuwait as part of OP Impact Roto 0. MCpl Plante was very dedicated and hardworking as a young soldier, always eager to volunteer and help out with every task. He was recognized by his chain of command early on for his efforts and was advanced promoted to the rank of Corporal. In identifying his strong leadership qualities, he was selected in 2011 to attend his Primary Leadership Qualification Course prior to completing his QL5. In 2012, MCpl Plante once again attended the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering, this time completing his QL5 Carpentry Journeyman Course.

    He currently resides with his wife Melissa, sons Ethan and Logan and beloved step-children Jenna, Dylan, Mya, Nadia and Katia. With 12 years of exemplary service, MCpl Plante will be retiring 06 Jan 2020. His plans are to relocate to Edmonton, AB and pursue a career with the Edmonton Police Service where he will continue to serve his community after his retirement.