MCpl Sundelin, CD

    MCpl Sundelin joined the CF on 07 July 1988 in CFRC Saskatoon, SK. Upon completion of recruit training in CFRS Cornwallis he was posted to CFB Petawawa to the RCR Battle School. After completion of his trades training he was posted to CFB Gagetown, 2 RCR where he remained until his voluntarily release on the 30th of September 1992. On the 12th of July 1994 he re-enrolled in CF as a RCR infanteer and in April 2001, accepted an occupational transfer to Plumbing and Heating Technician. MCpl Sundelin will be releasing from the Forces in Oct 2007.

    MCpl Sundelin’s postings include; Cornwallis, Petawawa twice, Gagetown twice, Trenton, and finally back to Petawawa. He has been up and down the promotion ladder several times including; Private once, Cpl three times, MCpl three times, and Sgt once when he was still in the infantry. He has been to CFS Alert twice and his tours include Cyprus, Bosnia and Kosovo.

    MCpl Sundelin will be remaining in the Chalk River area with his lovely wife Sheri and his stepdaughter, Julia. They also have two Chinese Pug dogs named Winston and Jetter. His future aspirations are to remain in the Force Protection Industry, looking out for the welfare of all soldiers serving this great nation called Canada.

    A farewell function will be held in his honour at a later date. Farewell wishes, stories and/or anecdotes can be forwarded to WO Broszmann for presentation. Broszmann WO VJ@CFB/ASU Petawawa@Petawawa