MCpl Stacey Antoniuk, CD

    Stacey Alexander Scott Antoniuk was born in Regina, Saskatchewan on March 1, 1965 to the proud parents John and Sylvia Antoniuk. After graduating from High school in 1983 Stacey decided to join the army under the YTEP program as an MSE Op. In Oct 1983 he was off to Cornwallis for recruit training.

    After Cornwallis, Pte Antoniuk was off to Borden for his trades training. Upon completing his trades training he went to CFB Petawawa to practice his new skills. In Oct 1984 Pte Antoniuk was posted to CFB Toronto; while there he had the honor of driving such dignitaries as the Queen Mother, Prince Andrew, Princess Fergie, Princess Anne and Governor General Jean Sauve. Pte Antoniuk resigned a new contract with the Forces while in Toronto and was promoted to the rank of Cpl in Oct 1987.

    In 1988, Cpl Antoniuk was then posted to CFS Holberg where he stayed until 1989 when he was sent overseas to CFE Baden-Baden. While in Germany he got to visit a great deal of European countries. Cpl Antoniuk stayed in Germany until 1993 when the career manager decided that it was time to send him to a field unit and gave him three options. After careful thinking Cpl Antoniuk decided to pick BFC Valcartier.

    In 1997 Cpl Antoniuk was posted to CFB Borden where he waited three years to obtain some heavy equipment courses but decided to do an Occupation Transfer in 2000. He was then posted to CFB Gagetown and did his trades training at the Nova Scotia Community Collage in Pictou, NS.

    In Aug, 2001 Cpl Antoniuk was posted to CFB Winnipeg where he worked as a Const Tech in the carpenter shop. He remained there until Jul 2005 when he was posted to 4 ESR at CFB Gagetown.

    In 2007, Cpl Antoniuk was promoted to MCpl and posted to 1 ESU in Moncton. While in Moncton MCpl Antoniuk was able to deploy on a TAV to Afghanistan to help build a road.

    On 30 Apr 09, MCpl Antoniuk will be component transferring and taking a class B reserve position at Range Control in Gagetown. This will allow him to return to Gagetown with his wife Bonnie and their three children after 18 months on IR in Moncton.

    There will be a gathering in Stacey’s honor on 24 April at Cheers, 63 Brandon St. Moncton. Anyone who wishes to attend please contact Cpl Cory Cleghorn at (506) 860-5456. To send congratulatory messages or to share a humorous story (true or not) please email them to Cpl Cleghorn.