MCpl Shane Llewellyn, CD

    • Master Corporal Shane Llewellyn, CD

    MCpl S.H. Llewellyn, CD will retire from the CAF on the 9th of January 2018 after 31+ years of loyal and dedicated service to Canada, the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers (please see bio below). A DwD will be held on 8 Dec 2017 in Kingston. Please send all congratulatory messages, anecdotes, and farewell messages to Sgt Sean Carroll at<>

    MCpl Llewellyn joined the CAF on May 28, 1986 as a Vehicle Technician. After completing basic training in Cornwallis he was posted to the 3rd Canadian Division Support base in Edmonton. Throughout his time with the 3rd he was involved in many training courses and exercises within the unit and across Canada.

    While posted in Edmonton, MCpl Llewellyn did two stretches in CFS Alert in 1991 and 1992 before being posted to 22 Field Sqn in July 1996. Shortly afterwards, in July 1997, he deployed to OP PALLADIUM where he received both the NATO Former Yugoslavia Medal and the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal. In May 1998, he also received the Canadian Forces Decoration before being posted to CFB Gagetown in July 2000.

    In July 2000, MCpl Llewellyn was posted to CFB Gagetown. Once in his new position as 2IC of the Heavy Equipment section, he completed various supervisor courses and civilian management training and was promoted to Sgt in June 2001. In December 2002, he completed his second tour in CFS Alert while running the heavy equipment section. As a Vehicle Technician, he rose to the rank of Warrant Officer in 2004. In 2005, WO Llewellyn completed his occupational transfer to Construction Technician and joined the Engineer Branch. After completing his QL3 at CFSME Cpl Llewellyn was posted to CFB Winnipeg in July 2006.

    While in Winnipeg, Cpl Llewellyn deployed to Afghanistan in October 2006 to support a TAV that turned into a tour. This would be his first deployment as a carpenter. The TAV lasted five months. He received his CD 1st Clasp in May 2008 as well as the GCS South West Asia medal for his Camp Mirage tour. After completing his QL5A he was posted back to CFB Gagetown in July 2010.

    During his posting in Gagetown at CE, Cpl Llewellyn was course loaded on the new Operational Level Drafting and Survey course in Halifax. After completing the computer-heavy intensive six-month course, Cpl Llewellyn figured he would never see AutoCAD again. In September 2013 he was posted to 1 ESU as a Drafting and Survey Technician.

    When he started at 1 ESU, the unit was located at CFB Kingston. He immediately began organizing the complex survey kits from the original bulk survey purchase. As the DS Storeman, he has standardized the kits into templates that MCE, CFSME and 1 ESU have all adopted. In December 2013, he was promoted to MCpl.

    While supporting the Drafting and Survey section, MCpl Llewellyn deployed on OP IMPACT in October 2014. He received the GSM Expedition Medal for this Op and also deployed on OP REASSURANCE in April 2017 for theatre activation.

    After 31 years of service, MCpl Llewellyn decided it was time for a change. With the stand-up of the Drafting and Survey trade nearing completion, he submitted his release. Shane plans on settling back in with his family in Gagetown after a long stretch on IR. Possibly driving his motorcycle across Canada is also in the cards