MCpl Richard Gero, CD

    MCpl Richard Gero will be retiring from the Canadian Forces on Friday, 15 June 2012 after 32 years of loyal and dedicated service. MCpl Gero joined the Canadian Forces in October of 1979, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He attended his basic recruit training at CFB Cornwallis on 11 Jan 1980. After his Basic Training Rick was off to sunny Chilliwack, BC to complete his QL3 Training, but was sent instead to 1 CER, 3 Troop for OJT until august 1980.

    Upon graduating his QL3 he was posted back to 1 CER, 3 Troop. He remained there until 1985 when he was posted to 4 CER, Germany. In 1989 he was posted back to Chilliwack where he worked in Base Ops Troop. In 1992, he was posted to 22 Fd Sqn CFB Gagetown, NB.

    MCpl Gero has completed tours in Eritrea Africa in 2001, Bosnia Sept 2002,OP UNISON Pensacola Florida (Hurricane relief) 2005 and Roto 7 Afghanistan Jan 2007. He was also deployed on numerous domestic operations, the 1997 Red River Flood in Manitoba, the 1998 Ice Storm in Quebec and the 2010 Hurricane Relief in Newfoundland. Along with his tours he has been the awarded the General Campaign Star – SOUTHWEST ASIA (GCS-SWA), the Special Service Medal (SSM), the Canadian Forces Decoration, 2nd Clasp (CD2), the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal (CPSM) and the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal. MCpl Gero was promoted to his current rank in Feb 2008.

    Rick plans to stay in the Oromocto area to do computer and first aid training in hopes of securing a job with the commissionaires.