MCpl Rene Yergeau, CD

    MCpl Rene Yergeau retired from the Regular force on 15 March 2012, after more than 23 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Army and the Canadian Forces. He was born in Hull, Quebec, and enrolled in the Canadian Forces from Sudbury, Ontario on 25 Sep 1988. After completion of Basic Training in Cornwallis, NS in December 1988, he then went on to complete his QL3 Field Engineer in Chilliwack, BC in May of 1989.

    His first posting after his QL3s was to 3 Tp, 5 RGC, BFC Valcartier, QC. As a sapper in 3 Tp, he completed his Basic Winter Warfare, and the Combat Diver course (the pride of his career). From November 1993 to May 1994 he was deployed to Bosnia on Op Cavalier, Roto 2. Upon his return, in July 1994, he was posted to Cold Lake, and worked with the Range Maintenance Engineer Section. In April of 1997, he proceeded on his EOD Basic Course in Borden Ontario, and returned to Cold Lake until June 2000, when he was promoted to MCpl/AL and posted to 2 CER. Once in Petawawa, he completed his JLC/JNCO course from September to December 2000, which was followed by another deployment from March to October of 2001, as part of 24 Fd Sqn, RCR Battle Group, in Bosnia Herzegovina. Upon his return, he remained posted at Petawawa, during which time he instructed on numerous courses, and was also sent to instruct at CFSME Gagetown as well. In September 2002, he was sent on his QL6A in Gagetown, which he completed in February of 2003.

    Once back at 2 CER, he continued his employment in various Section 2i/c and Section Comd positions within the Unit, until he was sent with the DART to Sri Lanka, from Dec 04 until Feb 05 on his 3rd outside Canada Deployment.

    In July 2007, MCpl Yergeau saw his last, and most recent posting to CFB Suffield, where he was a welcome addition to the Range Maintenance Section.

    Rene is now enrolled at Medicine Hat College, and is currently doing some educational upgrading, and looking forward to what the future may hold. So many options, so many decisions, and enjoying himself with it.